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MS with the Mint!

Manufactured Spend Canada and MS in the US have big differences. However, that’s not to say we haven’t gotten our opportunities. The Royal Canadian Mint is a great method to generate spend on credit cards. This is especially important for minimum spend requirements which have increased. We now see that the most lucrative cards such as…

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The ATM ate my money!

I was going to write a whole expose on Canadian Manufactured Spending today, but then while doing transactions yesterday, this happened at my local ATM. Let’s just say I’m not a big fan of CIBC right now, even though I have a lot of their products. If you already have their Aeroplan co-branded Visas, great. Otherwise,…

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Using Square to Manufacture Spend in Canada

Update: I’ve heard the AMEX IS shutting down people for cash-like transactions to meet minimum spends with Square, so I would avoid using Square illegitimately, and only related to real business expenses or sales. I’ve received lots of reader questions and emails about the new HOT offer for the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card, which…

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