2x on all Retail Purchases … on Sunday November 24

Aeroplan/CIBC has an interesting promotion where cardholders of CIBC Aeroplan Credit Cards earn 2x points on all retail purchases, on one day only: November 24. What this means is you can get 2x Aeroplan per dollar spent. If you’re shopping online you can combine this with the online offer of up to 4x points per dollar spent on the Aeroplan eStore.

So even if you take a purchase like a Macbook Air (which I’m seriously considering), you can earn 6,000+ points – just for purchasing a laptop!

a close up of credit cards

“This Saturday only, double your miles!”

Go Christmas shopping early, go stock up on goods, and just spend as much as you can on that day! If you haven’t decided yet, go buy gift cards with your credit cards to use for later. You don’t have to go all out, but theoretically, say your family spends $600 on groceries, and $300 on gas, and $300 on other retail. Buying gift cards for the next year, you can earn an extra 12,000+ points, simply for running your credit cards in to gift cards. Of course, you shouldn’t be paying interest and you better keep those gift cards safe, but it’s the one of the easier ways to get miles without churning credit cards.

Stay tuned for my upcoming series on Aeroplan! (It’s coming, I know.)

So what are you going to purchase?


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