There goes the value in Hawaiian Miles…

Two very crappy pieces of news for the redemption options in Hawaiian Miles.

First is the fact that transfers to HHonors are allowed to occur if the miles have come in from a third-party. This includes AMEX, Marriott, and This makes the transfer from Aeroplan not viable, so don’t follow this post here.

From an email forwarded to me by a reader:

“Thank you for your inquiry,

We do apologize since we cannot transfer miles from any 3rd party program to Hilton Honors. We cannot make exceptions since this is the agreement and the terms and conditions with Hilton Honors. Here are the restrictions that your can review regarding the transfer of Hawaiian Miles to Hilton Honors.

– The member has a minimum of 5,000 miles to transfer
– That none of the miles originated from an AMEX, Marriott Rewards, or any other 3rd party mileage transfer, due to the restrictions of the HawaiianMiles program Terms & Conditions.
– That the name on the HawaiianMiles account matches the name on the Hilton HHonors account. If the names do not match, the transfer will reject!
– Once mileage has been transferred from HawaiianMiles to Hilton HHonors, the points will be subject to all terms & conditions of the Hilton HHonors program.
– Transfers may take 2-4 weeks to process and be credited to the member’s Hilton HHonors account.

[Name Redacted]

So, that sucks, and reduces the value for Canadians, especially there are no direct options to earn HA miles (although there is a possible workaround I’m thinking about).

Second, it looks like the Virgin Atlantic Award chart which milevalue posted about has been devalued. Originally, the chart looked like this:

a blue and white table with text

Previous Redemption Rates of HA on VS

But now, it looks like this:

a screenshot of a blue and white table

New VS redemption rate

You’re looking now at 125,000 plus for Business class to London (I’m assuming – looks a bit vague but likely only travel to London possible). Even using skypesos on the Alitalia new Business class would be a better value, especially from Western North America, where it costs a whopping 160,000 miles to fly Virgin Atlantic Upper Class. No thanks.

More devaluations, as usual. Again, it’s super important to earn and burn! Remember to subscribe (for confusion on why there are two options, check here), tweet, or like to get the latest news.


  1. Do you know if Chicago is considered east or west coast of north america? It’s cute how they leave that out.

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