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Happy Turkey Weekend… and Cyber Monday!

Here are some posts that I thought might be interesting (for those who are too tired of reading 5 versions of the same deal):

Points, Miles, and Martinis talks about how Lufthansa releases First Class space for some routes at 3pm PST (6pm PST) for those who wish to snag 2 LH F spots. Me included. Very interesting content from flyertalk that I wouldn’t have seen had it not been for the bloggers, see?

The Wandering Aramean talks about how to use Hipmunk to avoid the agony of doing multi-city searches on other booking sites.

Pointschaser talks about how while discount hotels sites might not be so awesome, you can still get pretty close to a free night.

And for something less serious,

TravelBloggerBuzz always has some seriously hilarious commentary on posts and credit card pushing by bloggers.

More original content once I get less sleep-deprived from essays and exams!

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