April 29 – Hotel Adjustments, Contests

Hilton AXON devaluation which are quite bad. I don’t hold very many Hilton Points so no separate post on it 🙂 Check themrpickles for details. Consensus is that award levels are roughly in line with the new regular prices and given the devaluations honestly not a great value. Sometimes the AXON redemption levels are even worse than the regular awards.

100k Aeroplan giveaway from Reader’s Digest, Canadian Residents (hehe!) only. Enter here. Might as well try your luck.

a starfish on a beach


Club Carlson is shuffling award categories for a few hundred hotels. Book before May 1st for the old levels – there’s only 24 hours left! HT Loyalty Traveller

Check out my post on Aeroplan Award Ticket Fuel Surcharges if you haven’t already.

Targeted AA Elite Status offer with instant status and status challenge. Check your emails! From Loyalty Lobby.

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You can also try your luck to win Instant Avios which is a new facebook application from British Airways that a friend invited me to. You can win 1,000 up to 60,000 Avios when you try your luck with a slot machine. The cynic in me says BA is trying to get more likes… but if you already have Facebook you might as well.

a screenshot of a video game

BA Instant Avios

(Misc.) Starbucks has a new frappucino and happy hour is coming back (May 3-12)! Half price frappuccinos, woohoo!

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