April 30 – Delta Fees, Feecation, Air France First?

I stumbled on Points and Pixie Dust’s Feecation post, which is quite an interesting program for reimbursing travel fees. You can get up to $10 for Airport, Hotel, Car, and Wi-Fi fees but the monthly fee is only $16.97 with first month free trial. If you don’t have elite statuses and do incur these incidental fees then it might be an option to consider.

The Points Guy also has a very interesting post on Air France First Class award space. Elite awards are getting eliminated along with the other devaluations, so that means AF F might be available to all members (albeit at 82,500 miles + YQ). Details on the AF site.From this FT trip report, their ground services looks quite good although their in-flight product looks a bit dated.

Delta is raising the change fees to match US Airways and United. Bleh.


  1. AF F hard product is more than just dated

    most airlines are already at the suites / cubicle level, and they’re still at a throne-chair style, and that IFE is painfully tiny (better than old LH F, but at least LH is rapidly modernizing theirs)

    in terms of hoarding miles for aspirational F, i’d definitely stick to Star and oneworld.

    • Definitely, but if AF releases F space to partners (i.e. KE) then 50k + YQ one way can’t be too bad, even if it’s old seats. 🙂

  2. I actually prefer the current AF policy of keeping first class seats to elite status members only since, after all, it’s an award for being loyal to AF.

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