Award Update: ANA 787 Availability

I got an award alert yesterday which showed that ANA has finally loaded award space on it’s NRT-SEA and NRT-SJC routes which are starting September 1/2. ANA flies the other 787 routes as well.

Award space is pretty good (minus December peak travel/holiday season) for the NRT-SEA in business class:

a screenshot of a computer


No business class space for SJC-NRT, but lots of economy class space:

a screenshot of a calendar


These routes are very good options if you want to fly the 787 as United and LOT as the other *A 787 operator have been pretty stingy with award space.

Edit: ANA has now loaded J space NRT-SJC from June until October. Grab it if you can!


  1. Disappointing that SJC-NRT C is not available…I remember it was wide open when it was first loaded.

    • It is too bad. Hopefully they will load in J inventory as there isn’t a single seat through the schedule.

  2. how much tax are they charging for this routes? i hope Air Canada has ordered a few of these planes too! hint

    • Depends on what miles you are using. With ANA I would say around $300 so unfortunately not that great of a deal. Air Canada has ordered some 787’s; they just haven’t arrived yet!

    • I don’t exactly remember off the top of my head when the route gets swapped the 787 from the 777 – check airline route.

  3. I tried booking the itinerary out if sjc. It didn’t ticket. I called the agent to have it completed and they say that they couldn’t even find this flight on their system. The lady told me that new flights and routes don’t show up in their system right before the flight commences. Has anyone tried booking this flight through .bomb?

  4. I’m having the same problem trying to book NRT-SEA. The UA agents say they can’t see the ANA flight in their system even though it displays everywhere else, including I talked to 5 different people and no one could explain why this is happening. Very frustrating.

    • That’s strange. I was able to put the seats on a date for a hold (I haven’t ticketed) so that means space should be there. If it was for example Lufthansa phantom space then I wouldn’t be able to hold. Honestly I have no idea why the UA call center can’t see the flight. Did you give them specific dates/flight numbers?

  5. I had the same experience with being able to put the flight on hold. The space is definitely there because I can see it on the ANA site as well as United’s. I gave them the date and flight number but the agents cannot see the flight at all in the reservation system, regardless of whether there is award space or not. The flight doesn’t come up when you search for a revenue ticket, which leads me to believe there’s an error somewhere in the system. I went through 5 agents over the weekend and three staff but no one could explain why it was happening or tell me when it would get fixed. The availability on other dates is decreasing so I’m worried that I’ll miss out. I’m modifying an existing itinerary and it’s a complex routing so I can’t change it via the website, which was their other suggestion.

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