Amazing Timelapse of HKG/NYC

I love big cities, and I love skylines, so this video that I saw this morning is absolutely breathtaking and worth sharing. My parents are from Hong Kong, so I know the city fairly well (although not as well as a local). Hong Kong from the Star Ferry is lovely and all that, but it’s ability to cram so many people into such a small area and the resulting architectural density is pretty stunning as well.

This timelapse, though, is just amazing.

Since I’m in New York City now, here is also another really good one that was out a few months back.

This one is much lighter, but just as pretty.

I could sit at my laptop and watch this all day…



  1. Thanks for this post.

    The video author, javinlau, has a fantastic video on Toronto, at

    As a Canadian, I found the Toronto video very intoxicating.

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