A Wheel Dilemma…

I am looking for new luggage – it’s not that my spinners are worn out, but I’m looking for something new. I definitely want a spinner preferably with a built-in TSA lock. I’m not a big fan of formal wear and neither do I need a lot of space, so I don’t need the garment bag or the expandable zipper. Given that there are a lot of sales right now with the vente-privee Samsonite sale that Deals We Like talked about as well as the RueLaLa Tumi sale that Very Good Points talked about, I think now might be a good time to go shopping for one.

But what I can’t figure out is what kind of luggage to get! In the very short while that I’ve started purchasing luggage for myself, all I’ve used are cheap samsonites from Costco. There is always a set of a 21″ and 27″ spinners for just under $150, here They hold up fairly well, and they are probably the cheapest Samsonite luggage I’ve seen – even cheaper than the Vente-Privee sale! At under $140 (I had a coupon), that means a 21″ spinner is only ~$60 and a 27″ spinner is only ~$80.

I feel like this time I might want to something nice, and I can’t decide between is getting something nice like a Briggs and Riley or a Rimowa or just keeping with what I buy. I don’t really care about having the “latest edition” of a bag as long as it looks okay, but then generally the newer editions always look better. πŸ™‚

I would think a Rimowa is definitely a splurge bag so unless there is a big discount, I don’t think it’s worth getting. But they are amazingly gorgeous!

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Rimowa Salsa Air

But unless there’s a huge sale, I don’t know whether it’s worth forking over 500 dollars for a single spinner. And that’s for their base model!

The other brand that interests me is Briggs and Riley because they have a lifetime warranty. Their Simple as That warranty sounds quite nice – and there’s no fine print with it. Of course, it’s at a price-point that’s far beyond what “normal” people get. I’ve heard anecdotally that the guarantee is honoured generally fairly, so that’s pretty good. I’d like to think that paying 400 for this bag means I don’t ever have to get another carry on for the rest of my life… or at least for 10-ish years. But I know whether that’s realistic. Their guarantee doesn’t cover cosmetic blemishes or defects so while I’ll have a working bag, it doesn’t mean I’ll be using it publicly when it gets dirty. 

Should I buy five cheap suitcases over 15 years, or just get the Briggs and Riley (or the Rimowa)? Or are there any other alternatives?


  1. style/fashion changes through the years so might as well get whatever is fashionable now (that’s on sale, of course) and let it last 3-4 years before getting whatever is fashionable then.

  2. I have lived the cheap luggage strategy for many years and would advise against it. In the long run, you’d spend more money for lower average quality. If it ever breaks, it won’t be while sitting in your closet; more likely at a luggage belt somewhere far away. πŸ™‚

    Spinner is a personal decision, but do keep in mind that it will tend to roll when you don’t want it to roll. For example, on trains, buses, and sloping surfaces.

    All in all, I strongly recommend a Briggs & Riley upright, two-wheeler, from their Baseline collection. Everything considered, that’s the best option.

    Add a shoulder bag style carry-on (so it rides comfortably atop your main suitcase; it is a nuisance to manage two wheeled bags at the same time) from B&R or Red Oxx (they have the same warranty) and you are all set!

  3. I love my Eagle Creek suitcases. They have lifetime warranty against any problem (even if the airline ran over your suitcase with the plane) on certain models.

    Probably can get bonus points through the UR Mall. I’ve even found them on Amazon for a great price.

  4. Heys.ca has a Revolution Elite series that has a 10 year first class unconditional warranty. Don’t bother with their other products.

  5. I rarely need luggage for business travel; it’s almost entirely personal travel. I have no one to impress (except my SO).

    I’m much more comfortable using my slightly tattered luggage that does not look like it has anything special in it. I’m afraid that a nice case is also appealing to people who would want to steal it or root through it. I’m comfortable using my luggage till it’s dead. πŸ™‚

  6. I have Rimowa’s exclusively, and I love them. I would not necessarily recommend them for you, however. I have enough of an income to be able to comfortably afford the Rimowa’s. I only buy them in Europe (where with tax-free, they are seriously less expensive)…
    It is really a personal choice. Buy what you like. I can’t understand when people travel with super-ugly bags. It’s like wearing crappy clothes. Yes, you don’t need to impress anybody, but I think generally as humans we strive to look the best we can, right?!
    Oh, and you should fix the typos in your post! πŸ˜€

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