I know some people might disagree with me, but I think this is definitely worse the the “enhancements” that Aeroplan brought in a few weeks back.

It’s not Aeroplan’s doing at all, but I would think it is indirectly related to the AA/US merger. What has happened this morning is that the Aeroplan -> US Airways transfer option via has been removed. Previously, Aeroplan were able to be transferred to US Dividend Miles at a 1:0.84 ratio, but it seems like the transfer ratio has disappeared. 🙁

Transfer Ratio

US Airways Dividend Miles are now not permitted to be transferred or traded, which is a huge blow to being able to fly many airlines without fuel surcharges, not to mention that the Aeroplan award levels in many instances are much higher, especially for first class.

Thus, for me, this is a huge devaluation. I am still beating myself over not transferring over for a North Asia trip. This also removes the ability to transfer AMEX Membership Rewards to US Airways.

I guess good deals come and go all the time but it’s still very disheartening to see this today.



  1. Hey Jeff,
    Great site. I am stuck with 250k AP miles and 250k CAD AMEX miles. I used to buy USAir miles and loved the low YQ charges compared to AP.
    What do you suggest is the best value for these AP and CAD AMEX points/miles for a great exchange/trade at this point in time?

    • Unfortunately there isn’t any transfer out of Aeroplan that would make sense at the moment. The best thing if you do need to do a redemption is to avoid the airlines that charge fuel surcharges.

      • Please let your followers know if any positive change comes around. These changes at AP even with the stupidity of “Distinction”, after 15 years I have already stopped flying AC and doing bargin shopping. Was not a difficult decision looking at all the negative factors and high costs involved in dealing with AP and AC. Hopefully WJ will expand and hook-up with a major player. Great blog btw.

        • You can actually earn AA miles on WS flights, just no burning AA miles on them (yet?). Domestic flights really suck for earning and burning in my opinion.

  2. Apalled that this was taken away. Was going to be transferring over in about a month time when I hit enough points. SO CLOSE! Now that business class tpac trip will be years away.. AGAIN.

    90K to 120k to 150k. This is ludicrous.

  3. It’s just a technical issue. If you email or go through their live chat support they’ll tell you that it’s a technical issue and they’re working to resolve it. This happened about 2 weeks ago now.

    • It would be really good if that was the case. I have a feeling that even if they did fix it the transfer ratio would go down by a lot…

  4. Thank you for contacting Customer Service.

    Please be advised that the US Airways Dividend Miles program has been temporarily disabled from transacting at while a technical issues is resolved. Once this issue is resolved, the program will be back up and running, as before, at I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Thanks for using

  5. Hello Jeff,
    I have tried the past several days to exchange Aeroplan miles to USAirways miles and the “glitch” still seems to be there preventing us from doing so. Do you find the same issue?

  6. Just read this. I agree this is a huge devaluation. I was going to transfer all my old Aeroplan miles to US Air this fall as my Aeroplan miles are going to hit 7 years coming up and I will loose them if I don’t use them before then.

    Do you know if I book something with my Aeroplan miles, and then cancel in say February, will I get my miles back, or because they are to expire at the end of 2013, will I loose them completely?

  7. I tried again via Aeroplan site and sadly the USAirways still does not show…very long “glitch” I would say 🙁

  8. I was asked during online check-in whether i would opt for 2x or 3x multiplier (fees apply) for US Airways Dividend Miles.

    Do those miles translate to increased Aeroplan points (doubling or tripling what I would have received normally from the flight)?

    I’m not talking about transfering, I mean in the same way that US Airways is an Aeroplan partner and after completion of a flight I would be awarded Aeroplan points for that flight.

    • No. If you double or triple with the US multiplier at check in then you would get redeemable US Airways miles along with any aeroplan miles (elite qualifying) that you would originally get from the flight.

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