(Canada) 45,000 Points Signup Bonus for the RBC British Airways Infinite Visa!

(Note that I do not receive a credit for applications through this link at the time of publication as this offer is better than my affiliate offer. Thanks for reading!)

We are seeing very strong signup bonuses for Canadian credit cards and they keep on getting better!

The RBC British Airways Visa Infinite is a decent card for earning Avios if have a use for those miles (great for short-haul redemptions if you didn’t already know) for those who shop at places without AMEX acceptance.

BA Visa Canada

Usually the signup bonus is 15,000 points, although they have had public (and targeted offers) for 50,000 points with $5,000 spend in the first three months, but I doubt those will be returning as that was when the card was first offered (upgraded from a Visa Platinum) and probably a promotion from the launch. Right now there is a promotion where the signup bonus is 45,000 points, 15,000 points for first purchase with an additional 30,000 points with $9000 spend, which is probably the highest offer which you will see in the near future.

I had to catch myself here, as I thought it was only $3000 at first. But that is HIGH and that is the highest minimum spend I’ve seen. With that much required you could make it a better offer, of say 100,000 points *hint Chase BA hint*? That is actually pretty crazy, especially if you have other cards in your churn. But if you do need the avios and can meet the minimum spend, then it is a card you should be going for given that the offers in Canada are paltry and this is a relatively high signup bonus.

A nice bonus is that they’re also offering 2x on groceries and gas which I’ve not seen before. Unfortunately the $165 annual fee is not waived. Full review coming soon. Terms and Conditions say offer is only available to new cardholders although that is definitely YMMV as that isn’t the case withe the T&C for the Avion Infinite. Note that you must apply by November 30th of this year

Link to apply is here. (Note that I do not receive a credit for applications through this link at the time of publication as this offer is better than my affiliate offer. Thanks for your support!)

Also check out the smoking hot 3.9 cpm UA MR from YYZ here! If you do find a good fare please let me know!

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  1. “…there is a promotion where the signup bonus is 45,000 points with an additional 30,000 points with $9000 spend…”

    You mean 15,000 plus an additional 30,000 I think.

  2. $9000 spending… wow, couldn’t believe it, when AMEX/CIBC/everybody else is lowering requirements to attract more people

  3. I think the $9000 spend is $3000 in each of the first three months. So if you have a big spend you will need to manage the merchant to spread the charge in three months or pretty much you are out of luck

  4. if I was in need of a lot of avios points I could get 31,200 (BA’s 24000 + 30% bonus now on) for $685US. I could even gift the same to the wife. $9000 spend plus $165 is pretty ballsy on RBCs part IMO.

  5. You think Chase may do a CDN. B.A. card? That would be nice, and yes a higher bonus for that spend! That seems like a crazy amount compared to what others are asking.

  6. I did last year’s promo and I thought that minimum spend was hard to achieve… even around Xmas time. This minimum spend is ludicrous!

    Incidentally, it took FOREVER to get this card, even with an instant approval, so factor in several weeks of waiting if you do apply now. Bonus points also took WEEKS to post and I had to call to get them to investigate. Not an easy churn.

    Also of note: I downgraded my account in July to a Target redcard MC and got a prorated refund of my $165 annual fee, so I ended up only paying around $100 for my 50,000 points! They told me over the phone the refund was not allowed, but it happened automatically when I activated the new card.

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