United Honoring Zero base fare tickets!

Yesterday I wrote about the fares that United posted yesterday. They are honouring the fares, as per their Facebook page:

FB Wall

FB Wall

Very consumer friendly move although the cynical part of me says that they honoured after realizing it would be more costly to manage the outrage/DOT/reaction if they did decide to cancel the tickets than actually letting people fly as ticketed.

It was only a twenty-five minute period where fares showed up this way so I do wonder how many tickets did get booked. In any case, congratulations to everyone who managed to snag a fare yesterday!

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  1. Can’t believe I missed out on this. Would have changed my year as my greatest expense is traveling across the country to see my family. Could’ve bought a ticket for every weekend for the rest of the year (or at least as many as possible in 25 minutes).

  2. Do we hAve confirmation how long the deal was up for? This is e only site that states 25min…others have said 2hrs…..do we know ?!

  3. It was up for 50 or 55 minutes from the first report on Flyertalk. Very close to an hour.

    Possible it was available before that first post, of course, but 50 or 55 minutes absolute minimum.

  4. Looking at the first post on FT around 10:35am, then reports of the system being down around 11:15am. So I would say around 40 minutes, but I do think that when it started getting tweeted was around 20 minutes.

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