How do you track your mileage balances?

Note: This style of writing is intended for long time readers and miles/points addicts who follow the blogs in this space.  Readers not familiar with this crazy hobby should skip this section!

Yesterday I was cleaning up my Awardwallet account. For those of you who aren’t aware about Awardwallet, they are a fantastic website which tracks miles/points for all your programs as well as your travel plans. You can signup for Awardwallet here.

Essentially, instead of logging in to all of your programs they will do it for you.

Login Screen

Login Screen

Awardwallet shows you when your mileage balances go up:

Track your account balances

Track your account balances

Awardwallet also shows you when your miles with expire (although they have a disclaimer saying that you should check directly with the award program):

Expiration Dates

Expiration Dates

It also shows how many miles you have in total. I am tracking 47 accounts and I wish I had more miles, but you can’t have everything in life or at least that is what someone told me. Awardwallet shows that I have just under 700,000 miles over 47 accounts I control.

I don't have enough miles

I don’t have enough miles

I have some free upgrade coupons for first time users left, so you can use free-wswdgy as a code when you signup for Awardwallet for those of you who don’t currently have an account. First come first served.

To my awesome loyal readers who decided to scroll down and is obviously not a beginner, read here.

Now why I wanted to write this is obviously because I wanted you to sign up with my Awardwallet link so I can get a free pro account because I had a question I wanted to ask you.

If you have bothered to read far enough into this page you should know that with Awardwallet you have the choice of saving your password with or with your local computer.

My passwords

My passwords

I feel fairly confident with Awardwallet‘s security so I personally put my passwords for accounts that I don’t have valuable miles in with their website, and my nice accounts (SPG, AA, UA, etc.) passwords on my local computer. Yes, they are different passwords.

So I want to ask you, what do you do with storing your passwords? Vote or my poll plugin isn’t working so comment below. Or tell me to go away and I will just censor your comment.

Lastly, signup for Awardwallet here. It isn’t the last day to do so but it’s just a good reminder that that you do because I get free very tiny small miniscule amount of referral credits for a Pro subscription if you signup my for my Awardwallet link here.


Now didn’t you find that annoying amusing strange? Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. But I just wanted to make a point about links in posts and I can promise that I won’t link bomb my post for clicks on links. Since you’ve been so kind to read all the way down to the bottom, let me know that you think that linkbombing is bad in the comments below. More comments = more feedback for me.

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  1. I usually write them down but I should really get something better. I have most of them in my phone but not all of them =

  2. I use LastPass. I do store most of my account information within Award Wallet for Hotel/Airlines, but don’t enter my Chase/Other Bank Account Information. I don’t trust that information in any other program honestly!

  3. I also use 1Password and have been for years. I love it because it lets you track all types of accounts — financial, travel, etc. I paid extra to have the the real version so I could have more than 12 or so accounts tracked. It’s a one time fee that has saved me numerous times!

  4. I have used Roboform for years, I could not do what I do online without it. Yeah, I pay for it and synchronize all my passwords, fill forms etc across all my machines.

    I let AW handle the passwords. It’s a risk but makes it so much more convenient. Hey, nice disclaimer up on top, I saw that before somewhere else 🙂

  5. There is probably no need to post referral link even
    Donating $5 every 6 months gives you AW Pro account, no? and only Pro gives you expiry date I believe

    Nothing beats checking AW every morning and see some surprise +15K AMEX MR referral bonuses ^__________^

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