35 AA miles/$ with eBags!

The AA mileage portal is offering 35 miles per dollar spent on eBags, which is pretty incredible. This means you are buying AA miles for 2.8 cents and getting some free lugguage as well. Or if you value AA at around 1.25 cents (like me), this means you’re getting over 40% on your bags (if they’re priced the same as on other websites). The prices are often times higher than Amazon so check and see what competitors are selling the bag for as well so you don’t get ripped off.

They have a decent selection of backpacks, cases, handbags, and luggage. You can also get a further rebate through their rewards program.

eBags Rewards

eBags Rewards

Access the offer here at the AA Mileage Mall.



I’m going to see if I can get a laptop sleeve or backpack… Act fast!

HT: The Points Guy

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