25% Bonus Hotel Transfer Promo to United

United is offering a transfer promotion for conversion of hotel points to United Miles where you can earn a 25% bonus on transferred miles to a maximum of 20,000.

Transfer Promo

Transfer Promo

The hotel partners include:

  • Wyndham
  • Marriott
  • Hilton
  • Shangri-La
  • IHG
  • Club Carlson
  • Hertz
  • Hyatt
  • Choice Privileges

Transfers must be initiated before November 30.

The only transfers that might be interesting to me is the Marriott transfer, which are as follows (you get another 25% bonus):

Marriott Transfer

Marriott Transfer

Registration is required here.

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  1. Couldn’t you transfer Chase UR to Hyatt (1:1) and then transfer Hyatt to United (1:1.2), effectively giving you a better ratio than 1:1 than UR -> United directly?

  2. Edit: nevermind
    “Convert points into miles: Hyatt Gold Passport members may convert Gold Passport points into miles at a ratio of 2.5 points to one mile. Plus, receive a 5,000-mile bonus when you convert 50,000 points into 20,000 miles.”

  3. As a marriott plat member, I automatically got united silver medallion and can transfer marriott reward points to United miles at 2:1 ratio (usually 2.5 to 1). Will this 25% bonus on top of the plat ratio?

  4. i checked and found marriott without public annoucement raised the ratio from 125K pts for 50K AA, delta, United into 140K pts for 50K miles. for united, 50K for 112K pts. so, adding 25% bonus on top of that, 112K pts can get 62,500 miles. not bad.

  5. I purchased 75k Wyndham points with the intention of ultimately converting them to miles when a promotion like this came up. In the process of transferring, I noticed that the T&C on United specify that only transfers of 5,000 miles or greater will earn bonus miles. Wyndham allows transfers of 5,000->3,200, 17,500->7,000, and 30,000-> 12,000. Originally, I intended to transfer 2 x 17,500 and 5 x 8,000. However, now it seems that if I were to stick to that plan I would only receive the bonus on the 2 transfers of 17,500. Any ideas of the best way to execute this transaction? Thanks

    • T&C says “No Bonus Miles will be awarded if total Award Miles earned by such member from car rental and hotel points converted during the Promotional Period is less than 5,000.”

      I think that you just need to transfer enough hotel points CUMULATIVELY to receive (without the promo) a minimum of 5,000 miles. Then United will give you a 25% bonus of that. I don’t think it has anything to do with each transfer.

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