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I (think) love BBM with the past few days I’ve used it.

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I’ve actually never had a Blackberry myself, but their chat program recently became available to iOS and Android phones recently. I’ve tweeted quite a bit about it and some of my loyal followers (thank you!) have added me as a contact because they think I know a lot of secrets. Now I might be absolutely crazy in suggesting this, but hear me out:

You can reach me easily via email or twitter or even commenting on a post. But what I want to do is to make a private group for all my readers to talk to each other as well as me.  Now why I’m doing this is that I’m sure could learn a lot and get to know you better. I know a lot, but as I always say I have lots to learn and I suspect that we can all learn from each other. I really like twitter for talking with y’all as well, but the interface is to difficult to carry a conversation with multiple people (in my opinion), so I think I might as well give BBM a shot. Since it’s all private it’ll be great to discuss any ideas that you or I may have without any potential tips blowing up.

What is also amazing and should further compel you to join is that Tahsir (Bengali Miles Guru) from has also graciously agreed to come help me host the group and balance out areas of knowledge where I am not so knowledgable in, such as US credit cards and US manufactured spend.

You can sign up by downloading the app with an iPhone/iPad from the App Store or if you have an Android from Google Play. I have no idea how this is going to go and work out in any case I’d love a channel to connect with y’all. A lot of readers have told me my site has been a bit impersonal so I’m able to talk a lot more about your needs and just for you to get me to know me as a person if you can tolerate my obsession with miles and points. 😉

There is a wait time as far as I know but it should be around 24-72 hours. Sign up now and get in the waitlist ASAP!

I think the BBM group limits people joining to 30, so first come first served. This will be free and I will never charge you to join this exclusive club (of course you have to demonstrate your commitment to the group).  The only two requirements that I have is that you come into this with an open mind and that you contribute to the discussion. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to know a lot of stuff but as long as you are active and do what you can to learn and contribute I would be happy to welcome you to my exclusive group. Furthermore, anything that is said within the group stays there. You are free to tell your close friends, but I’d ask you to limit the information to anyone you know. That means asking your friend to keep any secrets and tips.

If there are too many people who want to join, unfortunately I’ll have to think of something else, although for now I’m always free to chat with and with BBM you can have your own personalized private channel to ask me anything you want. I’m also have a public channel for you to ask me anything about miles and points, but if there are certain things you’d like to keep private I’d be happy to answer any questions about earning and redeeming miles to the best of my ability. My BBM PIN is 74E52162 so feel free to send me an invite. Please put in the text of your invite something containing Canadian Kilometers/BoardingArea so I know you are one of my readers.

I’d be happy to listen to any comments you have about what I’m doing. 🙂

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  1. Great Idea Jeff !

    I just downloaded the App to my iPhone and I guess since I’ve had a BlackBerry before I was able to get in right away.

    I sent you an invite by PIN but I’m not sure how to get added to the group. It seems to want a BarCode.

    Thanks !


  2. I am one of those who refuse to get a smartphone. Is there someway I get in too? I have a tablet but BBM doesn’t allow installation on tablets

  3. I sent you a BBM invite also from my Z10

    BBM Channel should hopefully come out soon for you to use it. It’s like Twitter with followers!
    “What is BBM Channels, you ask? BBM Channels is a new social networking feature within BBM that extends the sharing experience beyond your friendship circle –allowing channel creators to amass an unlimited number of followers. Express yourself with BBM Channels. Create, edit & publish in an instant. Or connect to the people, communities and brands you love – receive timely posts and participate by commenting on, liking and sharing posts.”

  4. I love my Blackberry! I have never had a phone so easy to text on and since I bid on 20 or so contracts a day…they arrive on my phone faster than on my computer!!

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