EDIT: NO MORE Slots open for my private BBM Group!


Just over three weeks ago, I decided to create a BBM group for people who’d like a setting to discuss tips and tricks best kept secret and bounce ideas off each other.

It’s been super awesome meeting all of you who are current subscribers to the private group. Today I’m happy to say that there are additional slots available for my BBM group, due to the inactivity to some members. Currently as well as me I’ve got some superstar miles/points people including Bengali Miles Guru (@tahsirahsan) who writes at Milevalue, and Amol (@pointstopoinb) who writes at Hack My Trip!

I’ve learnt so incredibly much from everyone in the group, including miles/points/program (including Delta, USDM) private tips and tricks, lifemiles _______, and car rental tricks (Tahsir’s car rental tips blow me away! seriously!).

Some things that I’ve learned and that you should consider:

  • This is not a group for beginners. Most of the stuff we talk about already require the reader to be fairly proficient with the ins and outs of most award programs and miles, so while I’d like to teach everyone everything it isn’t easy when I have to text everything I say
  • I expect everyone to contribute to the discussion. It doesn’t mean you need to disclose everything and know everything but I don’t want inactivity.
  • You’re going to be talking about miles and points all day long. ALL DAY LONG. At first I had close to 250 messages per hour on my phone. It was CRAZY. Now it’s still many messages a day, but at a pace you can keep up with. Just be on your phone every few hours or so.
  • We talk a lot about miles and points and travel and first class and travel products. I hope you like discussing these things because if you don’t this discussion will be quite boring.
  • I can assure you this is the best secrets session that you will attend that’s online and comes quite close to a in-person mini-DO, but the difference is that you’re free to read the chat as many times as you want.
  • MY secrets (and any that I post publicly/password protected) will be distributed to the group first, even ahead of my special mailing list.

Best of all, this is FREE for everyone (subject to space in my group). I learn a lot and I think it’s mutually beneficial for everyone and I hope you will too.

Just a reminder that EVERYTHING discussed in the group will stay PRIVATE. So if you do intend to join I ask you to keep this agreement for the benefit of all of us. It’s the hono(u)r system, so it shows how much I trust you! Let me just say the collective power of tens of people discussing a miles/points topic can be quite impressive.

If you want to join, please send me a BBM invite! You can download the app for iOS devices on the Apple App Store or for Android devices on Google Play. I’m sure it’s also available on Blackberries but who uses those anymore? ;0

Let’s connect: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Special Mailing List Signup


  1. Hey Jeff. I just sent you an invite. I hope I did it correctly because I really, really want to join your BBM group! Please email me if I didn’t send the BBM message correctly.

  2. Hello Jeff,

    I just sent you an invite. Missed last round when you first initiated the group. I am based out of YYZ, canada

  3. Hi Jeff, just sent an invite, hope there is still space available – very much look forward to the discussion. Regards from florida!

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