(Fare GONE) $250 Fares New York-Milan!

Fare Dead 🙁

Yesterday as you may have heard there were a wide series of fares on wideroe.no that were extremely low. The united fares are still showing, but they prevent payment from going through, so there’s no way to book the tickets.

However, right now fares are still pricing out on Air Canada, with fares such as LGA-MXP for around $280, which seems to be bookable. Her payment seems to have processed and she received a confirmation email, although she hasn’t gotten a ticket number yet. So this may or may not be alive, but if you missed the fare yesterday you might as well try again and see if you can get a ticket. The fare code is K, which earns 50% on most FFP’s except United which earns 100%.

As far as I know only NYC-MXP is pricing with the YQ dumped, although other city pairs could work. Space is much better and I can price up to 3 people at a time with the same price. Book at wideroe.no.

Here’s a sample itinerary with dates 2/10-2/15, that priced online at the time this post was published.



Here’s a confirmation email that she sent me:

AC Fare

AC Fare

Good summary of how to treat a fare like this from theflightdeal:

  • It is an European site, so US DOT regulations on mistake fare might not necessarily apply
  • This will be billed in Norwegian Krone, so use a no fee foreign exchange credit card to save on the 2-3% fees
  • Don’t book a hotel yet til its confirmed (e.g., you receive a confirmation with a ticket NUMBER!!!. A ticket number is NOT a record locator (Six Letters). It should be 016-XXXXXXXXXXXXX.)
  • Don’t call any service providers (wideroe, United etc). Repeat, DO NOT CALL!
  • With these deals, you win some and lose some. There is always the next deal if this one doesn’t work out.
  • Be proactive – great tip from urifintzy: “Our bank tried to decline transaction because it’s a Norwegian site. Contacted Fraud dept and told them its okay.” So call your bank to let them know you are or will be making a transaction in Norway
  • Book now, ask questions later.

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  1. I booked one of these last night. My flights are now showing as ticketed. Do you know how to see the air Canada confirmation number so you can select seats? I can’t find anyway to select seats under the reservation on the wideroe sight… thanks

  2. The only thing I see at checkmytrip.com is the Widero ticket locator. It does give me a ticket number, but that doesn’t allow me to see anything on the Air Canada website.

  3. Unfortunately, wide-roe figured out the NY-MIL gap about an hour ago. All flights are now at fare/fair market value – even on AC. (I was just about to purchase too)… 🙁

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