US Airways Share Promotion Strategy

I’ve previously written about the US Airways Share Promotion, but I’ve tidied up my post from earlier. The original version is here, if you want to take a look.

How to Leverage the US Airways Share Promotion:

I just wrote about the Bonus 100% US Airways Share Promotion, which runs from December 2th to 6th.

US Airways Share Miles Bonus

US Airways Share Miles Bonus

Remember, with the promotion, you’re essentially “buying” 50,000 miles per transaction for 567.50 USD. The biggest problem, however, is that some readers have asked me how to get enough miles to share so that they have enough miles to redeem for awards such as 90,000 miles business class to North Asia and they are starting with 0 miles, and getting miles from a friend.

US Airways Share Promotion Screenshot from Previous Purchase

Screenshot from Previous Purchase

The key is this phrase in the Terms & Conditions:

The maximum number Share Bonus miles that can be received by one member for this offer is 50,000 bonus miles. All miles shared beyond this limit will not be eligible for a bonus.

That means you can only receive a maximum of 100,000 miles, but it doesn’t say anything about transferring out of an account multiple times. So in a chart, here’s how you want to do your transfers.

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US Airways Share Promotion Transfer Process:

What you will need as a dummy account – a friend or family member’s account which they are not planning to use in this US Airways share promo. Let that account be #3. The friend who is first giving you the miles into acc #3, which is the account that you’re not going to use. So your “dummy/throwaway” account now has 100,000 miles.Then you’ll send 50,000 miles back to your friend’s account (acc #1), which with the promo becomes 100,000 miles.

This means now you’re on line three of the transfers table above. Your dummy account now has 50k and your friend has 100k back so he’s happy. Now, you’ll also send the remaining 50,000 miles to your account (acc #2), which with the promotion becomes 100,000 miles. Now you can let your family member have their account back.

One other thing to consider is that the two transactions I’ve done, one has gone through instantly, while another hasn’t. But as long as the first transaction goes through instantly, you’d be fine since as long as you initiate the transfers before the transfer period ends, then you will receive the bonus for the transactions. Remember all accounts need to be at least 12 days old.

My experience with the US Airways Share Promotion:

This is also something that can be replicated and expanded, so if you think hard enough, you’ll be able to turn 50k in to hundreds of thousands which is what I did in the previous promotion back in October. This was my transfer chain:

US Airways Share Promotion Transfer Chain

Share Transfer Chain

I did this with my friends, so I had a lot of non-miles fascinated relatives open accounts for me, and I was kind enough to give them 100k USDM each, if you know what I mean. 😉

Just to show you even the best laid plans go astray, this was what happened with the end of my transfer chains:

US Airways Share Promotion Plans go Astray

Share Promo Chain

One of my transfers went awry and this threw off the whole chain. So at the end of the day my relatives’ accounts and I only ended up gaining 500,000 miles, instead of the previously planned 600,000.

But don’t let my craziness throw you off! This is the probably one of the easiest and cleanest ways to gain 100,000 miles if you are starting from scratch. Hope it helps and if this was too complex please let me know!

You can transfer miles here.

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  1. Interesting! But what I dont understand about the long chain is how you manage the balances of all the accounts? You’ll invariably end up with several orphan accounts with 5-10k remaining after a redemption, which could add up over the aggregate, right?

    • Most of my redemptions have been 90k north asia, or 100k europe-north asia f, or 30+30+40k oceania j/f redemptions. so for me orphan miles have be negligible and with this current promo I’m actually going to work the transfers so I end up with 0 orphan miles 🙂

    • Send me an email and i’ll see what I can do. Basically, you need to work it so that you get 100k in accounts, which means you need one/two throwaway accounts for each account you want 100k in.

  2. But don’t you have to have an account open for at least 12 days? Unfortunately the window for this promo is only 5 days.

  3. Jeff,
    Thanks for the details. I’m trying to get 4 J award tickets to north Asia and need some help. My current balances are below

    Myself – 108000
    Wife – 110000
    Daughter – 0
    Son – 0

    I need 90k miles in each account or 180k miles in my account and my wife’s account. Any help is very much appreciated.

  4. @Ashok, You and your wife can easily have at least 180k miles in each by using Jeff’s “dummy” account method. Just use both your son and daughter’s accounts as dummy accounts.

  5. @Joey,

    Can you please explain how we can end up with 180 k miles in my & my wife’s acct using my daughter and son’s accts as dummy accts? If I’m not wrong, we can give miles to any number of accts with bonus but can receive bonus only one time right? I’m lost with this logic. Thanks

  6. Nice illustration/chart, Jeff

    I always debate on whether to jump in, but 500K USDM @ 1.13 is still $5650 and probably $ I don’t need to spend. It’s hard to travel with a family now anyway

    I do wonder if all these 500K, without redeeming them before before AAdvantage/USDM merges, will convert into 500K AAdvantage miles instead. If so, would that be a good value?

    Since I have tons of Avios also (which is redeemable on AA/CX/BA with crazy YQ), I’m probably ok to not collect AAdvantage

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