US Airways Share Miles 100% Bonus!!

I’m mightily pleased that the US Airways Share Miles Promotion is coming back. 🙂

Update: Now Ended

US Airways Share Miles Promotion Details:

US Airways Share Miles

Share Promotion

US Airways is running a promotion similar to the one that I wrote about in October. This is probably one of the best promotions to purchase miles of all the mileage programs and is definitely worth considering.

The US Airways Share Miles bonus offer runs as follows:

US Airways Share Miles Bonus

US Airways Share Miles Bonus

US Airways generally runs purchase promotions every few months, which means the cost of a US Airways mile is generally around 1.87 cents. Now with this promotion, the cost is only 1.15, cents. Person A while share 50k miles to Person B, who will then get 100k miles. When Person B shares the miles back to Person A, then both parties will have 50k miles and Person B will have “bought” 50,00 miles for 567.50.

US Airways Share Promotion Screenshot from Previous Purchase

Screenshot from Previous Purchase

This is the (partner award chart) for US Airways, and this is why the US Airways Share Promotion is so fantastic. US Airways charges just 90,000 miles for business class from the US to North Asia, and you can route via Europe with a stopover there. This means that you’re paying less than $1100 for the miles to go to both Europe and Asia in business class.

Key Considerations for the US Airways Share Miles Promotion:

Most likely, this will be one of the last if not the last share promo that US Airways will ever have as they are set to leave Star Alliance next year in spring. It will be missed a lot by me, anyways. As always with US Airways promos, I recommend you only to purchase miles if you have an award that you plan to redeem for within one or two weeks. There’s no guarantee that US Airways will not devalue very soon, so in my opinion it’s not a good idea to hoard these.

Furthermore, as we get closer to the merger date, it’s likely that Dividend miles will start losing access to Star Alliance awards space as they prepare to join oneworld, so you want to be cautious if you have travel dates very far out and may need to make changes. There is always the chance that these will be transferrable to American miles although again I wouldn’t purchase miles speculatively.

These purchases are processed by, which means that you do not earn category bonuses on this spend. Also note that for Canadians there is GST/HST on the purchase, so if you use a credit card with US address and have a US address on file in your account then that will help avoid it.

Remember the US Airways Share Promo will run only until December 2th – 6th, so you want to start your transfer as soon as possible. I haven’t done any transfers just yet, but back in October around half of my transfers were instant while the other half weren’t, so you want to have alternate arrangements in case on of your transfers gets held up.

You can share miles here.

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