Introducing the Ultimate Aeroplan Guide

Aeroplan is one of really the only significant Canadian frequent flyer program so it’s no surprise my blog focuses heavily on them and what they do and/or can do. My posts on/about Aeroplan do get a little scattered everywhere though, so I thought it would be useful to consolidate them into kind of like a resource centre where I can link and sort all my useful Aeroplan posts and information in the one spot. So, I introduce… the Ultimate Aeroplan Guide. As time goes by, I’ll continually add to the list of posts and resources available.

I’ve also updated my post on fuel surcharges with Aeroplan which was a bit out of date – removed US Airways, and added Copa, Croatian and Aegean which were missing from before. The popular “list” of fuel-surcharge free airlines which was pinned to the top of the site is now part of the Ultimate Aeroplan Guide.

This is only the beginning though, so stay tuned for further posts and other interesting stuff within the coming days… 😉


  1. Thanks! I appreciate the consolidation, makes it that much easier to find information.

    I especially liked that the fuel surcharge list was updated JULY 2014 – you’re a forward thinker. 😉

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