Hyatt 40% Bonus Points Purchase Promotion (Targeted)

I love Hyatt, and I’ve had a fairly enjoyable experience with them since I completed a Diamond Challenge with them. Even with their devaluation, I feel their points are fairly valuable because top-tier hotels are still adequately priced (unlike Starwood, Marriott, and Hilton) and their points and cash rates are very attractive. Hyatt is currently offering up to a 40% bonus on purchased points.

Hyatt Purchase Points

Hyatt Purchase Points

The bonus is as follows:

  • Purchase 5,000 to 19,000 points and receive a 20% bonus
  • Purchase 20,000 to 39,000 points and receive a 30% bonus
  • Purchase 40,000 to 55,000 points and receive a 40% bonus
Hyatt Purchase Points Promotion

Hyatt Purchase Points Promotion

The purchase level of 40,000 to 55,000 is most attractive, which allows you to buy a maximum of 77,000 points for a total of $1320 USD. The cost for each point thus works out to around 1.71 cents each with the promotion. A regular points purchase would be 2.4 cents each.

The form on the landing page requires you to fill in your Hyatt number, so it restricts the bonus to Platinum and Diamond elite members. If you’re a normal member, you’d be purchasing points at 2.4 cents each, which isn’t that great of a deal. I personally think that this restriction is good as it doesn’t allow the majority of “normal” members to acquire large amounts of points thus increasing the likelihood of another devaluation.

For example, this means that for select cases it may be worth purchasing miles. It isn’t cheap, definitely. But it might be worth it if you’re already planning to pay money on luxury properties.

Outright purchasing points to use at properties would be the following costs:

  • Category 1: $85
  • Category 2: $136
  • Category 3: $204
  • Category 4: $255
  • Category 5: $340
  • Category 6: $420
  • Category 7: $510

Using Cash and Points at properties would be the following costs (including the cash portion from non-purchased points):

  • Category 1: $92.5
  • Category 2: $123
  • Category 3: $177
  • Category 4: $227.5
  • Category 5: $295
  • Category 6: $365
  • Category 7: $555

Your best values are probably Category 7 on outright purchased points, which may give you a savings if you did intend to stay at a top-tier property. For example, the Park Hyatt Sydney in January is over $900, while available with 30,000 points. The other use is to top up accounts that don’t have quite enough points for a redemption, but that which means you’re still valuing each property at close to the amounts listed above.

Park Hyatt Sydney

Park Hyatt Sydney

So if you were planning to shell out more than $500 a night for a hotel, it could be worth it here, or at other similarly expensive properties such as the Park Hyatt Paris. Another good use of purchased points at the Park Hyatt Maldives would be a very good value, when rates are over 1200 dollars. That’s a saving of a few hundred dollars, whether on a cash/points rate or just a full points redemption.

Park Hyatt Maldives

Park Hyatt Maldives

With points redemptions, you do forego any benefits you’d get with a paid stay, such as elite stay credit, points earnings (although Cash and Point Rates do get those), Fine Hotels and Resorts benefits if applicable, and any other promotion that would apply during a paid rate. If you live in the US, it is much easier getting Hyatt points through credit card signup bonuses, UR transfers, or manufactured spend, but if you live in places where it is hard to generate cheap Hyatt points, it may very well be worth it. With cash and points redemptions you’re at least willing to “purchase” points for 1.2-1.33 cents per mile, so that does mean that you’re it’s only a fraction of a cent more per mile through this purchase bonus. I’m around 90% sure that I’m not going to purchase points during this promotion, but if you do have a bigger travel budget than I do, you might find value in purchasing points during this promotion.

It’s worth noting that these purchases are processed by, so you won’t be able to earn category bonuses nor apply miles that rebate travel spend purchased with the card. You can purchase Hyatt Points at this link.

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