Australia’s Channel 9 “The Embassy” TV Show

Reality TV is sometimes pretty fun to watch. The travel-related shows are especially relevant and often insightful. I quite like the Border Security episodes (even though it is very sensationalist and amusing). As well, I quite liked the British Airways series that was on BBC a few months back.

Searching around on the web today, I found this series about the Australian Embassy in Thailand, produced by Nine Network. The show is about Australians who get stuck in trouble in Thailand, and what actions needed to be taken when the Australian Embassy has to intervene. Here’s the official description about the show:

For the very first time, Australian diplomats break their code of silence and take us into their world.

When Australians are in trouble overseas there is one place they go for help – the Australian Embassy.

Now in a world first, we go behind the scenes with unprecedented access to join the diplomats of Australia’s consular team in Bangkok as they work to keep us safe and out of strife in The Embassy.

Close to a million Aussies visit Thailand every year, making Bangkok one of the world’s busiest Embassies – and every day brings a new crisis.

You can check out the trailer here.

The shows are available on the Australian Channel 9 site, which isn’t accessible unless you have a VPN or are in the country, but youtube also has the complete first episode online. If you do like travel-related TV, these episodes are really good!

Thankfully, I am not that trashy luckily haven’t needed any consular services while I’m abroad. The first episode features nationality issues from surrogate births, visa issues from a sweat-eroded passport, and overstaying your visa entry, which is very cool stuff to watch. You learn a lot looking inside the operations of an embassy, and the work that they do when nationals of their country run into troubles. There are also some uncouth and ignorant travellers abroad, making for reality TV GOLD.

What do you think about the show?

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  1. I am a big fan of Border Security franchises… have been watching different versions of Canada, U.S, UK and Australia etc…From the episodes I have been watching, Canadian border control officers are probably the worst. They tend to ask more questions than it is really needed and there are generally rude for foreign visitors even those from the States which are not too far from my own personal experience.. UK’s officers are most polite and Australia’s one are more “ laid back”.

    • What planet are you from? Comparing shows, the Canadian border control officers are the nicest of the bunch and that is consistent with my experience.

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