Reader Suggestions – What Should I Write About?

These next two weeks I’ll be a BoardingArea “featured blogger”. That means my posts will show up in the upper spots on the BA homepage.

However, I can’t think of anything particularly piquing my interest that I want to write about right now. That’s why I’m asking you!

Is there anything you want me to write or talk about? Let me know in the comments or feel free to contact me on Twitter or via email.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

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  1. Jeff, you could write about Chinese restaurants at Richmond area. 🙂
    You could also write about CX to HKG and HKG Dimsum places.

  2. Air miles best redemption strategies, or about Canadian money transfer services that can help with minimum spend requirements.

  3. Aeroplan redemption availability. Routes with good availability, when reward seats typically become available with each partner, best time to book travel, etc.

    • I second this. Knowing when other partners allow booking of biz seats is important. The best option if you want more than 1 or 2 biz seats.

  4. Any new fuel dump strategies.

    Perhaps a detailed look at how you personally go through a credit card churn. Similar to the amount of detail you provide on your trip reviews.

  5. How about using a geographic analysis of how using the buffalo New York airport in leu of Toronto can save you big money when your not flying in Canada. The cost savings are well worth the money than trying to build points on aeroplan. For example buffalo NY to Fort Myers Florida for $58-68. You are 2-3 hour drive from orlando or Miami. Similar cost savings can be had by just driving an hour or two south. I would rather save $400-500 than try to try to build a miles balance that devalues.

  6. How about, AC’s policy on their own “after-market” on tickets. I explain: i fly often, very often, too often, been *se since 2002 … often, both me and my wife, need to change our return
    dates, for many years the “standard” recommendation upon calling to change was “It will cost more paying the fee, rather than buying a new one-way one, and we can flag the unused leg of the original one, so you can use at a later date, within 12 months” …….
    long short:
    1-That unused portion is never worth anything, every time i tried to use it
    2-i accepted such advice, over 20 times
    3-while is true, that, between 2002-2006, i was able to use most of them, *they also had a fee*
    4-Im not very smart, because after 2006 thy convinced me at least 20 other times
    5-ever since it has been impossible to use any of those legs, so we keep buying, as we travel for a need
    6-to make matters even uglier, my notebook died around 2011, i had backup of most
    of my things except a few, namely, the holy list of “ununsed tickets”
    7-Ever since, i have been asking them to sort it out, but they decided it is my fault
    8-even via aeroplan, the max one can pulled is 12 months prior of transactions, if one calls up
    24 months is doable ( at a fee ), however, after going through this trouble, i was told
    “Original booking codes means nothing, as new booking codes are issued when tidkets
    get switched to 12-months open status, we need the actual eticket 014…. # ” … Right…
    9-basically we lost over 12 tickets, last 3 years alone, not to mention, close to 20k ( yes, twenty ) … i used to be AC’s fan #1 …. We thought, we were the only ones, but recently, i overheard someone whilst checking at yyz, talking about the same thing, since you are asking for suggestions on your blog, you might be able to reach lots of “stupid” [ that is how i was described by an agent, in yul, she assumed i didnt speak French ] like us, because it is not right ….. even if it was over 12 months ago, it is a lot of money, and im not only talking about yvr-yyz-yul circuit, im talking about fra, gru, scl, eze, lhr, yvr, ywl, yyz, yul .. mainly, but many others.

  7. I would like to find out when the best time is to book award travel ie. how many weeks ahead is the best availability and what day of the week do they release new award space?


  8. Please focus on Canadian content as that’s why I have you bookmarked. AP fuel dumps and creative routings are always a good read.

  9. Congratulations on your promotion.

    1. Canadian Credit Card reviews and recommendations that can be leveraged to convert points into different frequent flier programs (American Express Rewards, RBC Avion and why this is valuable as the sign up bonuses in Canada are smaller.

    2. Opportunities that exist for frequent fliers to convert from Air Canada to Westjet – huge amounts of frequent travellers are considering this.

    3. Travel APPS (google, app store) that are actually of use to travellers.

    4. Restaurant reviews and other experiences at Star Alliance and One World hub cities (Incheon, Hong Kong, Narita etc…). I’m always stuck in places like these for 23 hour connections.

  10. Please talk about when is the best time to search for and book aeroplan reward tickets, and any other strategies.
    Which credit card to use for paying the fee for aeroplan reward ticket in order to get the trip insurance covered?

  11. Please talk about changes with Lifemiles and how the recent award changes affect Canadian routes to and from using LM. People say there are some routes where the mileage required for travel to and from Canada and Australia have actually seen a reduction? Thank you.

  12. I’m still anxiously awaiting your First Air Aeroplan redemptions guide, which has apparently been “coming soon” for quite some time, now.

  13. I second Mikka’s request regarding details about Lifemiles. In particular, please please cover what happened with your cabotage routing. Now that many of the miscoded cities have been fixed anyways, you may as well share this long long story 🙂

  14. Stick with content that is Canadian-centred since this is probably your most unique feature, and take it easy on the affiliate links to credit cards. It’s a turn off when you push it so hard – almost all your latest posts have referral links. You’re in a bit of a harder position just because our credit card offers are pathetic, and travel is expensive. I did like your review of Northern Airlines despite thinking that you’re telling our secrets to the world, but then again not many people want to come North. I don’t remember seeing any recent posts on Air Miles – this could be helpful too. Perhaps something on the new Westjet program too. You could even talk about Canadian North’s Aurora concierge haha what a joke. Some opinion posts on say Porter’s lobbying to expand the Toronto city centre airport, or Air Canada’s fleet renewal, or even info on charters and vacation packages for people who can’t accumulate miles.

  15. The Canadian angle to skyteam earning and redeeming after Jan 2015.For east coast flyers KLM and AirFrance offers the most competitive prices in a lot of contexts, but FlyingBlue is a very crappy program (fast expiry and very low earning rates on cheaper tickets) So far Delta Skymiles, despite its drawbacks, has been a stable option in the skyteam for Canadians. Come 2015, this is going to change big time, because Skymiles is transitioning to a price-based earning rather than mileage. What are some alternatives for Canadians that fly skyteam frequently?

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