AirBNB Coupon Code for up to $53 in Free Credit!

Update: Deal has expired 🙁

I used AirBnB for the first time last week while I was in Spain. It was an interesting experience, and I’m glad I finally tried it out. With these kinds of companies (startups), you can often find first-time credits or other AirBNB coupon codes that decrease the overall cost of your stay.

Normally, if you use refer-a-friend, you get $27 CAD ($20 USD). However, it seems that AirBNB is somehow geotargeting Mainland China for a higher offer. If you access the signup link through the site, you’ll be able to get a $53 CAD ($40 USD) credit for first stay.

AirBNB Coupon Code Signup Process

If you haven’t already signed up for an account, you can do so here. Keep in mind the landing page is in Chinese.

AirBNB Coupon Code Chinese Landing Page

AirBNB Coupon Code Chinese Landing Page

You can’t change the language until you’ve completed the signup, or else you’ll only receive $27 in credit.

AirBNB Coupon Code English Landing page

AirBNB Coupon Code English Landing page

The page layout is exactly the same as the English page, so you could pull it up in an incognito browser to match the boxes you have to fill in. Alternatively, you could use Google Translate. After signing up, you’ll be able to revert back to English while keeping the higher coupon code amount.

AirBNB Coupon Code Applied

AirBNB Coupon Code Applied

Keep in mind that you have to use the credit on a qualifying reservation, so your stay isn’t free (although you essentially get 50% off your first stay of one night). The AirBNB site states that a qualifying reservation must be $100 CAD (or local currency) before taxes.

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  1. Thanks a lot! Used it a couple of weeks ago and worked like a charm. Used it for the PointsU conference in Vancouver and the $53 credit posted as expected 🙂

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