27% Discount on Hyatt Gift Cards!

I’ve written previously about Gift Card Spread, where you can buy gift cards at a significant discount.

Gift Card Spread is currently offering Hyatt e-gift cards at 27% off. Hyatt e-Gift Cards are delivered electronically and can be used at most properties within the US and Canada. This is the highest discount I have ever seen, and I’m definitely grabbing my supply for the year.

Hyatt Gift Cards at a 27% discount!

Hyatt Gift Cards at a 27% discount!

There has been online chatter about the security of these gift cards since people have had funds stolen from their card – that even happened once with me. However, the discount on these cards are just so large that it’s worth it even with the risk. In any case, I can always chargeback on my credit card if things go sideways.

You can purchase Hyatt Gift Cards at Gift Card Spread here.

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  1. These are excellent deals but the security is starting to concern me. Do you know of a way to turn an e-gift card into a a hyatt certificate (can use worldwide) or a physical gift card? The hyatt website only takes credit cards. Thanks!

  2. dang, it went fast. I was able to see lots of these about 15 minutes ago, and put some in my cart. As I got side tracked, and went back to pay just now, and all the availability have dried up.

  3. I missed on the original batch but they reloaded their supply. This company has a decent amount of negative reviews on yelp….has anyone used them before?

      • Thanks. It’s a bit unnerving reading some of the bad reviews, but I bet out of thousands of transactions a few issues should be expected.

        Due to the concerns of Hyatt giftcard security, is there a way to call either Hyatt or a specific hotel and have them apply the gift cards to your balance before check in? I have 3 night stay in NYC at the end of the month and would love to apply the GC funds immediately to my balance due.

        • I have called hotels directly and Hyatt Customer Service and have not had success in being able to prepay for a stay with a gift card. They stated that there had to be something to charge against before a payment could be made.

          Also, I bought two e-GCs, one was hacked and one remained in tact. Of course CS refused to do anything about the one that was hacked, but I requested to proactively exchange the one that was fine so far. They refused. I cannot understand why they won’t exchange an e-GC for a plastic one. Once the e-GC number is zeroed out no one can use it. Very customer unfriendly.

          Hyatt seems to have a very big problem with their cards getting hacked and don’t seem to care that their customers are being effected. I offered to provide the name of the place I purchased the GCs and they didn’t want the information. Doesn’t seem like they are making much of an effort to protect the gift cards they issue.

  4. I bought two of these a few days ago and the gift cards never arrived. Sent them an email and have not heard from them yet.

    They also sold me a Hyatt gift card with 0 balance half a year ago and I had to file a dispute to my bank.

  5. Got charged by Gift Card Spread. They canceled my order with no explanation and said they would be crediting my account in 5 business days. Would not recommend this site.

  6. Cardcash still has a few hundred $50 gift cards for 24% off. Have always had good luck with them

  7. So I ended up buying (3) $250 gift cards from this deal. Got back from vaca today and looked and 1 was completely drained. I contacted CG spread as well as Hyatt. Hopefully a good outcome is forthcoming. Any advice from anyone who has had this happen to them?

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