Aeroplan Transfer Bonus – Earn up to 30% Extra!

Aeroplan is running their transfer bonuses again; this occurs every few months, with the last one was in August.

Aeroplan Transfer Bonus

Aeroplan Transfer Bonus

The promotion runs between November 7 and December 12. This applies for transfer to Aeroplan, from various hotel partners including Starwood and Marriott. Co-branded cards and other transferrable programs are not included, so if you’ve picked up a TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite recently, this transfer bonus unfortunately doesn’t apply to you.

Aeroplan Transfer Bonus Details

The promotion allows you to earn a bonus starting at 20% and maxing out at 30%.

Aeroplan Transfer Bonus Structure

Aeroplan Transfer Bonus Structure

These hotel partners are eligible:

Aeroplan Transfer Bonus Participating Partners

Aeroplan Transfer Bonus Participating Partners

Most hotel programs do not transfer at favourable ratios to airlines, so the only partners worth considering (in my opinion) are Starwood and Marriott. The good thing is that in Canada, you can easily pick up the Starwood American Express, Starwood Business AMEX, and the Chase Marriott Visa for quite a few points after meeting the minimum requirements.

Marriott Rewards

Marriott Air and Flight packages are a fantastic value if you have large amounts of points. The packages range from 200,000 up to 540,000 points.

Aeroplan Transfer Promotion with Marriott Hotel + Air

Aeroplan Transfer Promotion with Marriott Hotel + Air

While Aeroplan isn’t the best airline program, some of their redemptions are still industry-leading in value, such as North America to Europe 1 for 110,000 miles in business class and 140,000 miles in First Class.

Starwood Preferred Guest

Starwood offers a 25% bonus on transfers of 20,000 points, resulting in a 1:1.25 conversion rate. This stacks with the transfer promotion. If you wanted to hit the highest bonus amount (30%), you could transfer 160,000 Starwood Points. With their 25% 1:1.25 bonus, you’d get an additional 40,000 allowing you to hit 200,00 Aeroplan.

The transfer promotion would give you an additional 30% bonus, meaning you’ll end up with a total of 260,000 miles. That’s a final transfer ratio of 1:1.625, which is an insane deal if you have plenty of SPG. 260,000 Aeroplan is enough for two roundtrip tickets in business class to Europe, making the cost for each person only 80,000 SPG. It’s also enough to get you a round-trip in First Class to Europe, a good value especially if you combine it with a capped fuel surcharge trick.

Credit Cards as Leverage

There are amazing offers for Starwood and Marriott Credit cards, which allow you to maximize this promotion. Since Starwood and Marriott points are transferrable at a 1:3 ratio, you can combine the points you earn from both cards. The Starwood American Express and Business American Express currently has a bonus of 20,000 SPG miles apiece. If you got both and met the low spending requirements of $1000 over three months, you’d end up with 42,000 SPG miles (or 126,000 Marriott Points).

Starwood American Express - 20,000 Points

Starwood American Express – 20,000 Points

Since the Chase Marriott Card comes with a 50,000 point bonus (16,666 SPG), getting all three of these cards would mean you could earn a whopping 176,000 Marriott or 58,888 Starwood points, helping you hit the next bonus tier if transferred to Aeroplan.

Will you be taking advantage of this promotion?

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  1. Great article and thank you for the heads-up! I’ve been looking everywhere for a link to do this, but can’t seem to find a live link to exchange SPG to aeroplan. Any ideas on where/how to actually do this? Thanks!

  2. Matter of fact, partner transfers don’t count for the next status, according to aeroplan.
    I’m planning on getting the travel package with Marriott, I will receive 120 K aeroplan, plus 30K bonus, but it won’t count for achieving the diamond status.

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