All the Secrets and Tricks… and a Sunday Recap

Answering all your no hold barred questions were quite fun. The link to take a look at that thread is here (now closed).

Here are my most read posts the past two weeks (and those you should be reading, if you haven’t glanced at my site lately):

Kind of a no brainer if you’re targeted. You get a $25 statement credit after making a $25 purchase on, so it’s literally free money.

This is the best credit card offer I’ve seen that’s for a Visa or MasterCard in Canada. If you’re really looking to boost your Aeroplan balance, this is your best bet.

I got a lot of emails from people saying they’ve never heard about, which is kind of shocking. I do have some details which I haven’t made public – so if you have any questions, send me an email.

If you don’t have the Starwood American Express Card or Chase Marriott Visa, you should get one now! They’ve further improved their earnings on hotel stay transactions.

Also good to read:

Have a great weekend!

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