Drop Rewards – Earn Points on top of your Credit Card!

One of the things I love about miles and points is being able to stack promotion after promotion to get the best deal. The most common example is with mileage portals, but there are lots out there that you (and I) probably have never heard of. Here’s one I found out a while back – Drop Rewards.

Drop Rewards

Drop Rewards

Drop Rewards is a cool app that lets you earn points on top of your existing credit card rewards. Currently, the product is only available for Canadians, although they are launching in the US soon.

How Does Drop Rewards Work?

My educated guess is that Drop is based off dining reward networks, such as the Alaska MileagePlan Network. With these programs, you simply link your card, and then the system can track if you’ve dined at that restaurant and deposits additional miles into your Alaska account.

With Drop Rewards, you can earn additional rewards when you use your credit card with a participating retailer. You can link all card issuers – so I’ve got my American Express Business Platinum, TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite, and MBNA Alaska Mastercard – incidentally which all have great signup bonuses.

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Drop Rewards parses through your transaction history to find transactions where you made a purchase at one of their partners, many of which are everyday companies. They’ve have brands like McDonalds, Uber, and Shopper’s Drug Mart, among others. You an earn anywhere between 5-50 points per dollar spent.

Drop Rewards Ongoing Offers

Drop Rewards Ongoing Offers

This isn’t insignificant, because a partner where you earn 10 points/$ spend means an additional 1% rebate. That’s pretty good, because it’s on top of points you’d be earning with a card like the American Express Gold Rewards Card, if you linked that card.

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There are also limited time offers offers where you earn a fixed number of points. They do parse through your transaction history, so only link credit card accounts you feel comfortable sharing your behaviour. Right now, there is also a signup bonus of 2,000 points once you link a card and add invite code g463v.

Drop Rewards Limited Time Offers

Drop Rewards Limited Time Offers

I know friends who spend huge amounts on Starbucks and Uber – so it’s always worth signing up and letting rewards collect without you doing anything – just like my post on Earny a while back.

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I’ve yet to redeem a reward, but basically 1000 points = $1. The rewards are gift cards for brands like Starbucks, Lululemon, Apple, and Best Buy – so they’re quite useful.

Drop Rewards Redemptions

Drop Rewards Redemptions

Signup for Drop Rewards here, and earn 5,000 points once using invite code g463v!

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  1. Thanks, that was interesting, and I did not know about it. I signed up and added your referral code in the app. It allows selecting a maximum of 5 merchants and the selection cannot be changed later. FYI, my offers are a minimum of 2 (walmart) and maximum of 5 (mcdonalds) points per $1 spent. Which is 0.2%-0.5% return. No one-time offers. Your screenshot above says 20 points for mcdonalds, while mine is 5, meaning it’s either different for everyone, or they reduced it. Will see how it works.

    • Hi Echino,

      We’re happy that you’re a Drop user, and apologies for the confusion on the points! Original users who have signed up with Drop prior did earn 20pts at McDonald’s per $1 spent; however, we’re currently toggling with our offers and are looking to create more flexibility in where they can earn points at more places vs. a larger amount. Please stay tuned as we’re looking to push through a lot more features and you should be able to change your merchants effortlessly in the near future!

      Drop Team

      • Sorry to say, I signed up in app. Nowhere it asked for referral code during the signup process nor let me choose the merchants (i was only given a handful while there are many merchants which interests me that you support like SAQ) – i don’t think i will ever use this as I hardly go to McD / similar and this doesn’t make any sense.

        Skipping the referral code was irking like hell.

  2. Loving this app! Just signed up and there’s a wide selection of offers to choose from including shell, Sephora, foot locker, chipotle, lcbo, etc. Use my code yg8nu when signing up to get bonus points! Currently you get 1000 bonus points with the referral code and rewards start at 2000 points 🙂

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