See Flight Schedules Quickly with this Trick

With complex tickets and fare construction, I use ITA Matrix. For simpler searches, I use Google Flights. One part of (award) booking is getting all the segments to align up just right, so being able to pull up flight schedules quickly makes that easier. You could use Expertflyer, but that’s a paid tool and requires more clicks.

Displaying Flight Schedules on Google

Google is one of the easiest places to display flight schedules for free. However, you often get these unhelpful results. This is because Google gets paid for displaying these results, which muddles up the schedule.

Google Flights Schedules

Google Flights Schedules

There’s actually a very easy trick to do that shows the entire schedule. All you have to do is use a different google domain. This trick works best when the domain is different from the origin/destination of the flights. For this LAX-LHR example, I’ll use

Google Flights Schedules

Google Flights Schedules

If that doesn’t work (depending on your browser), simply type in “lax to lhr flight schedule” and that should also display the same results.

Just like that, you’ll see the flight numbers, days of operation, and other very relevant information when it comes to building an itinerary.

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  1. It didn’t work for me when I went to and searched YVR to LHR. I used the advice from @Robert in your comments and by adding the word “flight schedule” it worked, and it even worked from regular or

  2. Didn’t work for me…maybe it depends on what browser you use?

    But, Robert’s trick worked – thanks Robert! That’s easier, too! 🙂

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