Copa now Bookable With Aeroplan!

Previously, Swiss, Air China, Copa, and Avianca weren’t bookable with Aeroplan, who claimed it was a technical issue. Many people thought it was just too much of a coincidence, because all other Star Alliance miles like United were able to book these carriers.

Aeroplan Booking Difficulties

Aeroplan Booking Difficulties

With collecting Aeroplan, I recommend getting American Express charge cards given the upcoming Aeroplan/Air Canada contract termination. This is because they have the option to transfer to Aeroplan, but other partners as well depending on how things go. For more details, see my post on whether I’ll still be collecting Aeroplan miles and my thoughts on the impending breakup.

Four charge cards are available, all with improved bonuses all at historical highs. AMEX has also just improved their application eligibility requirements, making it easier for many people to obtain a card.

Copa Airlines Bookable with Aeroplan

Today, Copa Airlines award availability is now back online with Aeroplan. They are one of two major carriers with access to Latin America. While flying Copa isn’t the best experience, this is a great option to Latin America because there aren’t that many airlines servicing the region in comparison to North America – Asia/Europe. As well, they do not have fuel surcharges. For example, I just came back from Cuzco and Machu Picchu. Cuzco airport is only served by Avianca, so I had to use American Airlines miles instead. LATAM wasn’t that great either.

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Aeroplan has been trying real hard to improve the customer experience. They’ve added Partner Reference Locators with Aeroplan tickets online and fixed booking issues with Air China and Swiss. This only leaves Avianca as the only carrier not bookable with Aeroplan.

Copa Airlines Bookable With Aeroplan

Copa Airlines Bookable With Aeroplan

While I won’t be heading back to Latin America for a while, this is great news for those needing to book tickets there.

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