100 Free Aeroplan Miles and Enter to Win 1,000,000!

With the Aimia/Air Canada split, Aeroplan has been really trying to improve their program. They have improved call center timescorrected award space issues, and added new features on the website.

Now, they’re trying to improve their brand image by marketing themselves the company that brings families together, lets folks attend their best friend’s wedding, and letting jetsetters travel the world, rather than just be a mileage program. I like it. It’s refreshing that a loyalty program is improving, even though that’s because of the upcoming deadline.

Earn 100 Aeroplan Miles Free!

You can earn 100 Aeroplan miles for free by watching this video and answering two questions. Only one bonus per account is permitted, but it’s a quick and easy way to earn miles for giving some feedback. It’s also good for those who need activity to prevent miles from expiring.

Earn 100 Aeroplan Miles for Watching This Video

Earn 100 Aeroplan Miles for Watching This Video

However, if you are a BC, ON, or NL resident (or use a postal code in those provinces), you can use Carrot Rewards to easily earn miles daily – just for reaching Fitbit-like step goals.

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The video looks great, except the new Aeroplan seems to be trying to imitate Expedia, Tripadvisor, TripIt, Opentable, SPG Keyless and Dynamic Spotify playlists all in one. Hopefully they’ll pick something and stick with it.

Aeroplan Moments Worth Millions Contest

Aeroplan is also running the Moments Worth Millions contest, where they are giving away 5,000,000 miles. To enter, simply upload a story or image with the caption #withAeroplan on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I hope y’all have had (many) fantastic redemptions with Aeroplan, so that shouldn’t be too hard.

Aeroplan Moments worth Millions Contest

Aeroplan Moments worth Millions Contest

Aeroplan will choose one winner every week to win 1,000,000 miles for five weeks. You probably won’t win, but who knows! View the contest rules here.

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  1. Like everything Aeroplan claims to do, nothing is quite what it seems. Video doesn’t work and most likely, there is truly no contest running where someone will win 1,000,000 points. More deceptive practices in the making!

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