Buy SPG Points at 35% Off!

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If I had to choose one points currency to earn, it would be SPG. That’s partly due to flexibility, but also because they transfer at such a good ratio to other programs. The latest promotion allows you to buy Starwood points with a 35% discount. While SPG points are great for hotel redemptions, transferring to the 30+ airline partner programs are as good a value if not better. You should consider this not only a hotel points sale, but also a sale on buying airline miles.

The other way to earn SPG points in Canada are through the SPG American Express. This card, as well as the business version, currently has a 20,000 SPG point bonus. As well, you can transfer Membership Rewards at a 2:1 ratio into SPG. Eligible cards include the American Express Platinum Card, the Business Platinum Card, the Business Gold Card, and the Gold Rewards card. The new American Express Cobalt Card also offers this transfer opportunity.

Buy SPG Points at 35% Off

Until December 29th, 2017, you get a 35% discount off when buying 5,000 or more SPG points. You can either buy points into your account, or gift them to friends and family. The latter option may be better if you can find an account with Platinum status you can piggyback off of.

Buy SPG Points at a Discount

Buy SPG Points at a Discount

SPG points normally cost 3.5 cents, so this sale lets you buy them at 2.28 cents. This is an excellent price given I value SPG points at 2.2 cents.The maximum amount of points you can purchase per account is 30,000. That will cost you $682.50. Fortunately, there is no HST or GST for Canadian residents. Since this is in US Dollars, use a card with no foreign transaction fees such as the Chase Amazon or Marriott Visa, the HomeTrust Preferred Visa, or the HSBC Premier World Elite MasterCard. If you want to buy more than 30,000 points during this promotion, you can always use another SPG account and this trick to transfer an unlimited amount of points between SPG accounts.

Best SPG Redemptions

Keep in mind that SPG points transfer to over 30 airline programs at a 1:1.25 ratio with increments of 20,000. That means 20,000 SPG points could be 25,000 American miles, or Alaska miles, or Aeroplan, and so on. Transferring at this ratio makes 25,000 Airline miles only 1.82 cents each. This is also why you should look at this as an airline mile sale, as 25,000 Alaska Miles at 1.82 cents are a fantastic price – even cheaper than when Alaska runs it’s own sales.

Even if you don’t want to transfer to other airlines, there are so many good (hotel) redemptions with SPG. One that I’m particularly excited about is the Al Maha Resort and Spa, a Luxury Collection property. Thanks to the SPG 35% Resort Discount promotion, this property and some of the best resorts in the world cost only 31,200 a night including fifth night free.

SPG Hotels Resort Redemption - Al Maha

SPG Hotels Resort Redemption – Al Maha

If you were to buy points at 2.28 cents apiece, this redemption is only $710, a discount of over 50% on the retail rate. I also learned recently that you could have up to three people in a room with no third person charge when redeeming points. Given that this is an all-inclusive resort, splitting the cost with two friends, brings the price down to 13,000 points a night, which is pretty astounding.

There are many other excellent redemptions that I’ve written about in the past, including the best flight redemptions with SPG, redeeming for Etihad First Class with Asiana Club and Emirates First Class with JAL Mileage Bank, transferring SPG to Marriott Hotel and Air Packages, and more. If you value high-value luxury travel, SPG points should occupy a large portion of your points portfolio.

If you already maxed your purchase limits this year, consider getting the SPG American Express or SPG Business American Express to earn another 20,000 Starwood points on each card. You can also transfer American Express Membership Rewards to SPG at a 2:1 ratio, which might be worth it depending on your circumstances.

Buy SPG Points at a 35% Discount – Ends December 29, 2017.

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  1. Hi,

    Might do this – if I were to purchase on Marriott Visa (usually use for all foreign transactions), do you know what kind of points, 1x,2x etc. to expect. Wondering if paying fx and earning SPG points on AMEX would be better.


  2. so that would potentially mean a + 66% bonus converting in aeroplan, since there is a promotion right now points from hotel to aeroplan get + 30%

  3. Please correct me if I am wrong – but this is a Canadian blog, no? In the analysis above it appears that most of the numbers are $USD which might be confusing to Canadian readers. So the real cost is actually 2.28 cents $USD or 2.91 cents $CAD. This is about the same cost as AS points on sale at 50% off.

    Given that the cost is in $US it must be transferred to a Canadian card. If you use the Marriott card you receive 1 Marriott point for each 1$CAD. However, if you use the SPG Amex you will receive 1 Starpoint which can be transferred to 3 Marriott points. That would be triple the return for the SPG Amex over the Marriott. I think that would be worth the 2.5% conversion surcharge.

    You also mention that no GST/HST? Please explain since this appears to be from or is it the usual address fiddle?

    This is a tempting offer assuming that when the two programs fully merge next year there may be some bonus in having a good number of points in each program. The risk is that the merger will destroy the value of the SPG points and leave us with just the standard Marriott rewards at 3X points.

    • The USD is the standard currency of measure miles and points, and all values I use are always in USD unless noted otherwise. There’s no HST as shown on the offer checkout page. You should only buy points if you plan to use them immediately – otherwise there’s too much risk.

      • Firstly, you have a great blog and I enjoy reading your posts. However, I also initially thought that pricing was in CAD. For new and casual readers, it might be useful to just always specify the currency to avoid any confusion–this is what the hotel websites do.

  4. Originally written at 11:50 November 07

    I made the purchase on SPG Amex and, indeed, they DO NOT charge tax! I assume that this saves about 13% GST/HST and also the 6% or so US tax that charges on an Alaskan Airlines purchase.

    The SPG points posted instantly but the Amex has not posted even as a pending yet.

    Update 16:00 Nov 08

    Points posted immediately. SPG Amex does not show any action yet so cannot confirm that the amount processed properly. Will update.

    • The SPG Amex finally posted almost 24 hours later at $227.50 converted to $298.55 CDN which is approx. 4% surcharge over the current XE exchange rate. But no tax or GST.

      Cost is thus 2.99 cents Canadian per SPG point.

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