Buy SPG Offer Now Active

Last week, I wrote about a 35% discount if you buy 5,000 or more Starpoints. The offer was not working last week; however, has corrected the technical issue. You can now buy SPG Points here.

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This is the best option if you need SPG points quickly. You can also earn Starpoints through the SPG Personal American Express and the SPG Business American Express, but that’s not an option if you need them right now for a redemption.

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Purchase SPG Points – 35% Discount

The maximum purchase amount per account is 30,000 SPG points, which will cost $682.50. There are no taxes. This makes the price of each Starpoint 2.28 cents. Each airline mile will be 1.82 cents each at the 1:1.25 transfer ratio, and each Marriott point will be 0.76 cents with the 1:3. ratio.

Buy SPG Points at 35% off until March 16, 2018.

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