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SPG American Express Increased Offer Ends Tomorrow

One of the best cards currently available is the SPG AMEX. American Express currently has an increased bonus on these cards credit cards, which ends tomorrow, October 18.  Application Links:  Starwood Preferred Guest American Express – Personal Credit Card Starwood Preferred Guest American Express – Business Credit Card The current bonus is 25,000 SPG points…

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My Experience with American Express Global Transfer

American Express is great. They are my favourite financial and credit card issuer, and they have fantastic rewards and offers. To select a card, see my post for recommendations on the best American Express Cards. However, in addition to that, all cardholders have a fantastic benefit called the AMEX Global Transfer program, as long as…

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Which American Express Card to Get?

American Express is my favourite card issuer in Canada. Their cards have great rewards and benefits, and they always have excellent customer service. One of the biggest reasons why their points are valuable is because they have many different transfer partners. Most people actually have several incorrect preconceptions about American Express. Even though they are…

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