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Avianca Lifemiles devalues … AGAIN

Following an unofficial devaluation where the award prices for business class were raised 2,500 per segment and first class 5,000 per segment just last december, Lifemiles has just again “enhanced” its award chart. The new figures are as follows: This is actually really ridiculous, given that their original chart less than a year ago was something like…

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Aeroplan Transfer Promotion

Like the one they had in November last year, Aeroplan is having a transfer promotion (until May 13) with bonuses for exchanges from points into Aeroplan Miles. Unfortunately like before, AMEX Membership Rewards is excluded. Bonuses start at 5,000 points (20%), up to 26.67% when you transfer enough to receive 150,00 Aeroplan Miles. Here is the bonus…

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