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Twitter and Turkish Airlines

Disclaimer: This is totally a FirstWorldProblem. Please keep this in mind while reading! Twitter is extremely useful when you want to keep current with what’s happening in the miles and points world. It is probably the best way to stay on-top of things without the snark that you get from forums like Flyertalk. Many deals…

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Confession: How I Travel

I have a confession to make. I’m a trust fund baby who has 16 million dollars to spend on first class suites thanks to sending a Nigerian prince a wire transfer and getting quite a bit in return. Okay, I’m joking, but I think I definitely have been brainwashed by miles and points. Let me…

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I’m Moving!

As you may or may not know, BoardingArea has had a bit of tech trouble with the boardingarea.com/blogname sites, so we are all moving to blogname.boardingarea.com sites. Thus, the BA tech team is porting all my stuff over to the new site which will be canadiankilometers.boardingarea.com. If you have bookmarks and RSS reads check to…

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My Travel Hacking Christmas

It’s unbelievable what travel hacking does for you. I still don’t like the term, but miles/points arbitrage doesn’t come off as catchy or awesome 😉 So right now as many of you know I am in New York. My flights in First Class are on points and less than $300 in taxes. My hotel stay…

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