Air Canada’s Updates to “Earn Your Wings”

Earlier in the week I had a post about how Air Canada’s Earn your Wings promotion might be very lucrative to mileage run on.

Unfortunately it seems like they’ve changed the terms to prevent potential flyers to gaming the system. The TCA Badge and Canadian Olympic Badge are now only able to be earned once, which is disappointing.

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Changed Terms

This differs from what I had earlier:

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Earlier Terms

I sent them an email and this is what they told me:

We apologize for any confusion pertaining to the terms and conditions of the Earn Your Wings promotion. Similar to the Social Badge, the website should of included a mention to the effect that the Olympic, TCA and Commonwealth badges can only be obtained once. We apologize for this omission and for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you had already booked trips between the promotion’s start date of April 11 and April 15, we will honor these bookings based on what was indicated on the website during those days and award you the corresponding amount of wings.

So here is what a round trip SEA-YYJ will now earn you:

-1,000 wings for taking-off from SEA
-500+500 wings for landing and taking-off in YVR
-500 wings for landing in YYJ
-5,000 wings for obtaining the Olympic badge (YVR+YYJ)
-5,000 wings for obtaining the TCA badge (YVR+YYJ)
-5,000 wings for obtaining the Pacific badge (SEA+YVR+YYJ)
Total wings would be 17,500 giving you a total of 13,000 bonus Aeroplan Miles (8,000 + 5,000 for crossing a 10,000 wings threshold.
If you do a one-way then the cost goes down to just around ~1.3 cpm which isn’t so great for redeemable miles, so I’m sitting this one out. Most FTers who are still going to fly going to do it for the AQM with the extra RDM just as a bonus. Understandably, Air Canada should be trying to limit costs as much as possible but then changing the T&C after the promotion has started and giving some flyers an advantage for booking tickets earlier isn’t really fair, but that’s just life. Next time I’ll definitely remember to book my tickets first and argue later.




  1. Air Canada’s/Aeroplan’s lawyers also need some grammar help.

    “Should of” SHOULD be “should have”

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