April 26 Update – AC/EY Agreement, Credit Cards, Routehappy

Etihad and Air Canada signed an agreement to codeshare services with frequent flyer reciprocity. I guess that’s why Canadians now get Visa on Arrival back and that means I better plan my trip on Emirates First!

The agreement will also allow frequent flyer mileage accrual on codeshare flights by members of Etihad Guest and Aeroplan programs and reciprocal premium lounge access at Toronto and Abu Dhabi airports for eligible passengers of both airlines.

Mommy Points got an inside look at how US Banks determine what rewards and benefits go into a credit card. Very very interesting!

Just found out about Routehappy, which sorts flights based on a numerical happiness ranking (based on seat, service, food, reviews, etc.) although to me it seems a bit subjective. HT: Wandering Aramean

Not much happening today.






  1. this is an implicit step that Lufthansa is finally warming up to the GCC (through their influence within AC)

    the probability of Star inviting Etihad had just increased from 0% to 10%

    • Possibly. It’s pretty interesting how EY is so interested in Canada. First they become a transfer partner of AMEX MR CA, and now this. However this agreement doesn’t necessarily raise the chance of EY joining Star, as EY has agreements with airlines from all the alliances such as AA, MH, NH, AF, AZ.

  2. Can you redeem aeroplan miles on Etihad flights? Do they collect fuel scam charges like they do with most partner airlines?

  3. Thanks for including our launch on your daily roundup, Jeff! I’m Routehappy’s director of data and I’d be thrilled to explain more about how Routehappy works, how we created the most robust set of airline + flight + cabin data ever seen, and how we serve it up to flyers. Feel free to drop me an email — john@routehappy.com — any time, or get in touch on Twitter (@routehappy).

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