May 28 – 500 free miles, UAE VOA, Promos, and Giveaways!

Please check out my giveaway of an AA lounge pass and a Gogo one-time pass!

A quick note that Alaska Air and IcelandAir are ending their partnership on June 1st. Award tickets will have to be booked before that date (and no changes after that). This is their award chart to Europe:

a screenshot of a green and white text

Award Chart

500 Free LH Miles&More Miles from: Free Frequent Flyer Miles


The Italian blog Frequent Flyer Italia says you can earn 500 Miles and More miles (Lufthansa et al) for signing up for its newsletter. Use Google Translate to read the blog in your language. It works very well in English. You need a PIN for your account before you can get this bonus, and apparently you need at least one mile in your account to get a PIN. Please tell me whether or not you received the miles if you live outside of Italy.

Canadians also now have free visas on arrivals in the UAE starting June 1st. Link:

Also check out Hack My Trip and Heels First Travel’s giveaway for UA GPU’s and Hyatt GC’s.



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