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Apparently everyone else on BoardingArea says that we are going to close comments and no new posts are going to go up starting tonight, so I will see everyone next week! I will be on twitter so feel free to tweet me if anything interesting pops up!

So a few days ago I posted a mistake fare online. You can see that here if you happened to miss it.

Again there was quite a bit of controversy over the manner I post these deals/fares. I could say a whole lot about what happened yesterday, but all I will say is that I will continue to post these deals. Even if a hundred people can book these deals, that’s all I wanted when I post this. As long as there are more people who benefit than dislike what I am doing and as long as there are people who want me to continue doing what I am doing, I will try my very best to talk about all the latest news in the miles and points world and help everyone maximize their travel dollars. Everyone is going to have a different opinion on this and I hope all of you understand my decision. If you feel that I can improve my content in any way, don’t hesitate to send me an email. I am open to any and all feedback that I can get as I try every single day to improve how I write and bring content to all of you.

BoardingArea is undergoing some tech updates on June 21/22 which means I will be unable to post anything new although you are welcome to read anything I’ve written so far. As EVA Air has joined star alliance, which means their flights are now bookable with most star alliance airline miles (see here), I’ve updated the article on fuel surcharges here. Also I’ve written up a very brief summary of which airlines have fuel surcharges which is available as a permanent page on my menu.

As you may also have realized I have not been doing daily update for a while now. I found that while they were useful, a lot of readers found not all of the information useful, so I am going to try something different. On the right column right above the BoardingArea subscription box, is the Posts to Check out info box. This is will be the location of a highly condensed daily summary, which I plan to update Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays around 7pm EST, so you can check out the things I think any travel hacker should be reading (to stay up to date). Right now I am trying to work out some formatting issues, so it is still under construction, but it should be up and running before June 25th. I hope you will find this section interesting in addition to the content I already write.

Also note that Google Reader will be shutting down on July 1st. The replacement that I now use for Google Reader is feedly and if you are using Google Reader consider using Feedly as opposed to a paid alternative as I would say it is probably one of the better version of the Readers that are free. I read from feedly daily, so I’m not just pulling reasons out of thin air. Just add my website (canadiankilometers.boardingarea.com - not canadiankilometers.com), and you will be good to go. Although it isn’t as great as Google Reader, it is a functioning reader that is free and is usable. If you have an RSS reader they you can use my RSS feed link here.

Alternatively I highly recommend you signing up for my mailing list and alternatively the BoardingArea feedblitz which is the small box in the top right corner of my site, under the social media icons. My mailing list does not have any preset mailings, but I will likely be using that for deals like mistake fares and incredible promotions and you will be getting this info at least 30 minutes before any public post goes out which will give you a better chance to hop on the fares/rates. I also try very hard to be very open with my blog as well unlike certain other bloggers so you are welcome to ask me nearly anything I can answer to the extent of my ability there as well.

I am also very proud to say that I do not censor. This is very simple. There is no fine print that you need to comb over. If you write a comment it will be published (unless it is the first time you’ve commented, upon which I have to approve it first). But unless your comment gets filtered by Akismet and put into SPAM, which looks like this:

a screenshot of a chat

Example of what SPAM is

If your comment falls into spam (and it has happened before to legitimate comments), I apologize. Technology isn’t perfect, but I really do not have time to comb through the hundreds of spam comments I get a day and see whether there are any legitimate comments that unfortunately got caught. If you see that your comment has not been published, again, please send me an email. I wish to have an open dialogue and a non-censorship policy with all my content and I strive to make my blog have one of the strongest disclosure policies.


  1. I happen to enjoy your blogs and although not everything you write is useful to me personally…everyone has different travel needs so what may not be useful to some…may be VERY useful to others.
    I hope you will continue to blog and blog and blog hehe 🙂

  2. You can’t please everyone in this day and age, so keep up the great blog and useful info. Bottom line you are saving people money and entertaining us with a free blog. People shouldn’t make it more complicated than that.

  3. Stop worrying about the cry babies. There is a subset of self righteous FT people that feel that they are the entitled ones, because they read FT and so they have some kind of proprietary right to any deal. Gee whiz, I read it too and I don’t feel that way and I’m sure that was not the founders’ idea when they set it up. I always laugh at their inane posts, because in their minds no one else should ever benefit since they some how haven’t paid their dues, when all you need to do is subscribe. They always bitch about bloggers yet always seem to read them!

  4. People have the tendency to hide things that they only wish to take advantage of and not share but they fail to realize where they received the information from…most probably a public domain as well. Don’t worry about others, I enjoy the posts you put up even if I can’t take advantage of them. Sharing is the spirit of our community.

  5. You can’t be everything to everyone. I thought we already discussed the fare mistake posts? Please don’t let the few rotten apples spoil the rest of the bunch.

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