This is some pretty crazy stuff! I will go through it in a more detailed way when I have a moment as right now I am rushing to catch a train. πŸ™‚

Some of the “highlights” of the enhancements that will be effective January 1 2014:
-Some award levels are changing for the worse, with increases to award charts to Asia/Oceania.
-Oneways will only require half the number of Aeroplan as a roundtrip.
-Cancellation of the seven year expiry date.
-Changes to Classicflight awards which will be rebranded as MarketFare Rewards which the press release says requires “20% fewer miles for redemption.” (We will see whether that is the case).
-Creation of Aeroplan’s new “elite” program, called Distinction with three tiers.

As well, TD will be issuing those new Aeroplan credit cards! Good for them and I am shocked, honestly!

More in a moment, just wanted to break the news!

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  1. It looks like Distinction is a separate program from Altitude. Altitude is your “butt-in-seat” miles that will get you upgrades and Star Alliance status.

    Distinction looks like at all miles earned, including “financial products” (I’m guessing the Aeroplan loyalty miles card … would be interesting to see if Amex transfers count).

    Time to start manufacturing spend.

  2. I can’t wait your in-depth analysis πŸ™‚ Where did you read about the TD card for Aeroplan? I can’t find the mention on the Aeroplan website for Distinction

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