Uber is offering $45 for your first ride!

There has been a $25 (USD) dollar Amazon Local voucher for one ride which you can access here. There are still 9 days left to purchase, but there is a limited quantity, so I would suggest getting them quickly.

Amazon Voucher

Amazon Voucher

However, what also is interesting is that Uber has also sent out an email where you can receive $20 towards your first ride by signing up through this link.

$20 Signup Credit

$20 Signup Credit

I want to be very upfront with this link by saying that I do receive $20 in uber credit for your first between today and July 7th, and $10 if for your first ride after this period. This means you can get probably 2-3 short rides around the cities that UBER serves.

Even if you have already signed up (and you haven’t taken your first ride yet), I would still recommend signing up again through one of the links that provide $20 in first-ride credit. It doesn’t have to be mine and I want to be very clear on that. I am not writing this post because I get a credit if you signup and take a free ride. I am writing this because this is best current and historical offer for uber and I would personally recommend my own friends to sign up. 

I am fairly sure the signup credit is applicable in CAD, but I am also pretty sure that the voucher credit is in USD. But what I really like about uber in the few times I’ve used it in NYC, Toronto, and Seattle is that it is really consistent. It is so convenient and easy to use and that is with every single city that Uber has a presence in (unfortunately not Vancouver). It is honestly a great service, and even if you live in a city where Uber doesn’t have service, it is extremely useful if you are in any major city in the United States.

I am really suggesting that this is a great deal simply because there is a promotion (Amazon Voucher) on top of another promotion ($20 credit instead of $10 credit). I would say that it is unlikely that you are going to have two of these promotions happening at the same time.

If you liked this post, considering signing up for emails and if you have any feedback about these types of posts, feel free to shoot me an email. I am also on Twitter if you want to chat with me there.



    • I have no problem giving them my credit card since they use secure encryption of all financial information and all that, but I guess everyone has their own boundaries.

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