A Free Award Booking Service?

UPDATE: I’ve been swamped with so many requests that should you wish to fill in the form, I am going to ask you to be on my “waiting list!” I’m really sorry. :(


I’ve said multiple times that I write because all you readers. I am undeniably grateful for your support, and I blog because I want to help people maximize their miles.

So today, I am very happy to offer a PAY OUR OWN PRICE award booking service! You can choose to pay whatever you want, and I’m not going to reject any bid you make or give you a counteroffer. So should you decide to pay $0, I am completely fine with that!

Furthermore, for the next two months, I will be donating all revenue from this service to those who wish to pay me to a non-profit organization!

Consider telling everyone who might be in the market for an award booking service, or even if they need help using their miles!

Fill in the following contact form, and read up on the details (no small print necessary) on my page here.

As of 12pm Pacific Time, I will be open for requests! First come, first served!



  1. This is excellent, and a wake-up call to the other bloggers. It’s not as if running a blog entitles others to charge more for these ‘booking services’

    It doesn’t address the issue – the issue is that no blog has, for quite some time now, taught anyone anything about actually finding award seats.

    They show the credit cards and pimp the links, then show their trips. Nothing about finding the seats, which has helped these ‘award booking services’ thrive.

    • I think Milevalue does a good job at showing you how to use your miles. But this is awesome that Jeff wants to do this. I just might take him up on it someday…

  2. @Steve. While I am bugged immensely by the credit card pimping I would say thst there are some excellent bloggers from whom I have learned a huge amount about how to find and book reward seats on my own. The tips n tricks have been invaluable.

  3. Thanks very much for such a generous offer. I was on the fence about using an award booking service in the past, but this is a great way to ease into the process. I do have some small amount of experience booking award flights for myself and my family, but am really hoping to find some great itineraries through this offer. Thanks, Jeff.

  4. Well done, sir. As someone who books award for friends and family because it’s FUN (I know, I’m sick), I can definitely appreciate you taking it one step further and donating anything people pay you. Really well played.

  5. How about doing some blog articles on how to actually book your miles. I have tons of miles but I’m lost when it comes to booking miles, especially on partner airlines. Not to mention all the tricks for free one-ways, open jaws, etc.

  6. It would be fun & interesting to see one of the more difficult flight arrangements you are able to complete!!

  7. Kudos to you for not being greddy, I can say from personal experience, bengali miles guru started an award service for $50 no matter how many people you booked. Shortly afterwards milevalue acquired him so he didnt have to compete with him and raised his prices to over $100 per person. I just hope you dont let milevalue acquire you, i think most people will pay a fair amount, i would suggest you charge something you can live with and what regular folks like me can pay. I would hate for you to stop your service because you are getting so many free request.

  8. Good luck with that. I’m sure some will be easy but some will take hours (esp on the phone), and sadly many people are pains in the butt. I hope it works out okay for you

  9. While not requiring your gracious services just yet. I’d love to see some samples of what you’ve been able to book, some of the challenges and how it was overcome. Sometimes you don’t know something is possible till you see someone else do it. Keep it up.

  10. you are an amazing human being! I have read so much about this award booking thing, and always thought the cost could be pricey. Therefore, I took up the learning, by reading blogs and FT forums (including yours) and slowly picked up the game. I must say, I enjoyed the whole process, albeit painful sometimes, but the reward was more satisfying than ever.

    On this note, I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU! We completed our trip awhile ago, and I’ve learned tricks and interacted with you a few times on FT.

    In case you wondered, you can find your post in my trip report. https://tinyurl.com/dyx9gny

    Safe travels.

  11. Jeff, you are an amazing human being. I’ve interacted with you a few times on FT, and I gotta say, reading blogs from yours, and others, taught me how to book award tickets the way I wanted.

    So, on this note, Thank you thank you and thank you! I enjoyed the hunt for my itinerary, seeing how I was able to piece it all together has been more satisfying then ever.

    Anyways, keep up the good work and I will see you on FT around. In case you wondered, you can find your post in my FT trip report https://tinyurl.com/dyx9gny

  12. The main reason I can think of to use an award booking service is as a time saver. Since I was one of those “victims” of the economy I wound up with as an earlier than planned retiree, but at least I had the miles plus the time. So, following numerous blogs, especially The Points Guy, I found ways to book biz class trips for two to numerous destinations over the past couple of years. From ATL I’ve done ATL-CDG-DUB round trip on AF, ATL-MIA-LHR-AMS-ATL on DL & KLM and ATL-ORD-HKG-JFK/LGA-ATL via AA & CX. This involved the obvious airline U.S. airline websites plus enrolling in the programs of Air France, Qantas, BA and CX. Also, subscribing for only 30 days to the KVS tool was a big help as was a trial discounted subscription to Expert Flyer. All this was after reading various blogs.

  13. Thank you for doing this … but if loyalty is a two-way street, why do we need an award booking service to use our loyalty currency?

    Just asking!

    • You don’t. It just clarifies the hassle and difficulty especially for those who have just started collecting via cc signups and don’t know how to use them.

  14. You rock… No other bloggers ever proposed this type of service to the readers. For that, I salute, kudos, bravo to you.

  15. You may want to consider sorting the line according to how much people are willing to pay/donate. E.g., if someone pledges to pay 50/ticket, he gets “in front” of the 20/ticket pledges.

    Just a way to add some order to what you are doing.

  16. I must say that this is an interesting idea, but booking the rewards you’ve earned is half the fun! While it can be frustrating at times, I love the challenge of trying to find 4 or 5 award seats, because I see it as a personal victory to book them. I like analyzing the points I have and then research what I can do with them (it sometimes helps me plan my trips!). I think the booking of rewards is more exciting than the earning of them!

    Have fun helping people out with their rewards and good for you for donating the proceeds!

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