SPG Targeted Bonus: 1 Free Night after 1 Stay

Frequent Flyer Bonuses just posted that he received a targeted SPG offer (via email) which is similar to the previous targeted “Bonus Beginnings” offer which I wrote about here. If you are targeted it looks pretty lucrative.

You access your eligibility here. Check, you never know!



It seems that if you are targeted you could get a free award night after one paid stay:

complete one stay between August 1 and October 31 and get a free night award at a Category 1-5 hotel that can be redeemed up to December 31st.

Email Offer

Email Offer

Unfortunately the four accounts I manage was not targeted. If you do get targeted for a free night it’s not a bad idea to do a mattress run as a Cat 5 free night award can be worth it at a nice hotel. I am assuming that theses are for new/lapsed (elite) members who haven’t stayed in a while, but I have no idea, as 3 of the accounts I manage have gold status and a few nights this year, and one other is a dummy that’s never been used.



Leave a comment if you got (or didn’t get) anything!


  1. I just started staying at Starwood properties recently and have 9 stays so far this year. I was targeted for automatic upgrade to gold.

  2. A co-worker received a similar email in 2012. “Ramp up with extra rewards. Stay with us and choose from: 5,000 bonus Starpoints® or a Free Night Award”. The stay had to be completed by June 30, 2012.


    I don’t think he had ever used the Starwood account prior to receiving the offer.

  3. It works in my friend’s account which I set up for him. It appears to target folks who had only one stay or two in the past year. The confirmation message says”we miss you, blah blah”. I really don’t like SPG’s promotion direction, you stay more, you got NOTHING.

  4. I received that email. I had only stayed once this year, so I guess it’s for people like me that don’t stay much!

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