AA miles for sale at 2.2 cents!

American is holding their bonus promotions for buying miles again. I’ve written about this before, and this time the price goes down to 2.2 cents per mile if you purchase at the maximum amount. They are offering a 25% discount along with 2,000 bonus miles if you purchase more than 20,000. You must do this before August 15th.

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That means the price of 62,000 miles will be $1365.31, making the price of each point 2.2 cents. The value proposition get worse the smaller amount of miles you buy.



Unfortunately Canadian residents will get tacked with HST/GST which brings the price up to around just under $1520. Of course, if you have already “moved” to the US…. anyways enough about that.

American tends to have these sales around every few months or so which the price range being generally between 2.0 to 2.3 cents. If you don’t already have American miles, that means $1365 gets you pretty darn close to a one-way first class ticket to Asia 1/2 which is not bad at all if there is award availability. It might be worth buying US Airways miles for 1.88 cents during their current 100% promotion, although once your miles can be transferred to American things like the award chart may have changed.

The link to purchase miles is here.


  • Purchases are processed by points.com, which means no category bonuses.
  • Transactions are nonrefundable and nonreversible.
  • Allow 72 hours for purchased miles and 5 days for the bonus miles to post.

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  1. I would rather buy US Air miles (which will eventually become AA miles) with 100 bonus and the price would be around 1.88 cents

    • That’s what I said in the post except you can’t transfer US to AA right now, so it doesn’t work if you need a redemption within the next six months

  2. As always, if you have a trip in mind you should purchase if the economics work. It worked for me for Hawaii… but speculative purchases are much riskier.

  3. If you have a trip ready to be booked, go with Lifemiles. They are selling for 1.5 cents. ( Not sure if other countries must pay taxes). Plus Lifemiles can get you access to LH business and Singapore Business class.

    But make sure you have a ticket ready to buy. Dont speculate.

    • Just keep in mine lifemiles doesn’t allowed mixed itinerary redemptions and will be bookable with what’s on their online site. Each currency has their pros and cons and you need to decide carefully before you purchase.

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