My New Mileage Run Page!

I’ve been looking for elite status this year thanks to the previous AA limited time status match (now expired) and so now I am looking for mileage runs.

So I have decided to put up a mileage run page on my site which is now live (but still under construction).

The cities where I will post runs from are the Canadian Cities: YVR, YYC, YEG, YYZ, and YUL, as well as US border cities BLI, SEA, BUF, PDX, NYC and possible other cities easily accisible with Avios.

If you have found anything interesting that might be worth posting send me an email ( or tweet me/let me know somehow and I will post for all my readers to see! I want under ~4.5-5.0cpm (for US) and max 5.5-6cpm (for Canada).

I will write a few posts on mileage runs soon hopefully!

You can check the first run I have posted (from Calgary) here.


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