Lufthansa First Class Available more than 2 weeks out!

Update as of 5:30 Pacific: Looks like space has been pulled. 🙁

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This is crazy but it seems like there are seats on Lufthansa First Class available more than 14 days before departure! I see space both with the ANA tool, Aeroplan, and Lifemiles so I do think this is bookable!!!

Update: I have only so far seen space on the MUC-YUL route, although there might be space on other flights.

It does not show up on United but it should be bookable because UA IT blocks the online search engine from showing LH F space more than 14 days out (to prevent phantom).

I’m checking routes right now and for example I see a seat on the November 26 Munich to Montreal flight!







AWESOME!!! I personally haven’t check to see whether space is confirmed, but it does show up with so many award programs…

I have no idea when this space will be pulled or if this is even intentional, so book now! I really wish I could take advantage of this but I have school until November

🙁 But if you have time and space on your dates book! go go go!

HT to Heather @ Pass the Dressing and One Mile at Time and Sven

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  1. Awesome find, Jeff! Shame it doesn’t go that far out. Availability is great – You can even book those segments for three or more people.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    What is the easiest/best way to find F Lufthansa availability besides going through Aeroplan website and looking at every flight? Is there a specific program that shows this? Thanks much

    • You can search up to 4+ days with There are other tools like KVS or Expertflyer which are probably more helpful but require paid subscription and a tutorial not so easy to explain in a comment. 😉

  3. I still found tons of space Wednesday evening out of YUL about 15 days worth. Also one or two out of ORD,EWR,IAD, BOS.

  4. Sorry, should have clarified…two seats out of YUL and back. Checkecd this morning and there are still F seats on AE and it appears bookable. Get them while you can!

  5. Yes, that is what lucky noted. If you scroll through the booking page it takes you all the way through, but we need somone to confirm that it is actually ticketed.

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