This is awful. Expected, but it seems the severity of the changes are absolutely awful.

United has revised award chart prices for Star Alliance and United metal awards.

For reference, here is the old award chart.

Here is the new star alliance chart:

New Award Chart

New Award Chart

There’s a lot of numbers, but Europe in Business goes from 50k to 70k one-way. South Asia goes from 70k to 130k one way in First. I’m absolutely shocked. In general there seems to e a 20-25% increase for prices on UA metal awards and anywhere from 40-70% increase for Star Alliance awards. Intra-region awards also go up 25-40%, so all routes are affected. I don’t even think any of the zones are coming down. I just don’t know what to say…. the changes are just absolutely outrageous and it’s basically all the Aeroplan devaluations (award chart + fuel surcharges in one blow)….

So now Delta, United, and Aeroplan have devalued. I am only waiting until AA, AS, and US devalue.

New award prices take effect Feb 1, 2014, so starting booking NOW.

Would suggest voicing your displeasure to Untied on Twitter or Facebook.

More details tomorrow, I’m heading to bed now…



  1. Jeff, it’s unbelievable that no one outside of FT UA thread has picked up on this yet. Nice job! This is one of the worst airline devaluations ever! MP has gone from one of the easiest for J and F *A redemption to one of the worst. People are going to be crying over this for a long while…That is what happens when you pump out miles for Cc sign up bonuses. OW is looking better each day.

  2. by devaluing partner awards so much, United is killing the only good thing they have left – membership in *A! one less reason to fly United…

  3. This is horrible, these are draconian increases. I was loyal to UA for Star Alliance and online booking, but this is just terrible.

  4. One change that affects me in a good way, Central Asia to Europe saver award is now decreased from 30K one way to 25K. Thank you united !

  5. This is disgusting. Hope the bloggers and FF community show no more love to UA and spend their $ elsewhere. Considering they are making BILLIONS from all the fees by nickel and diming the passengers.

    The whole alliance thing is more and more BS if you ask me…

  6. People need to protest. And in a big way.

    Let it be done in a big way. Bag tags, Tshirts, letters to be handed out to staff in airports, crew, pilots, calls to management….

    Bloggers unite!

  7. just to confirm, they take effect on that date, so Jan 31, 2014, I can still book 10 months out at the old award chart levels, correct?

  8. I understand the initial shock and feel for people who have been collecting the miles for a long time, but I dont see why everyone is so outraged. We have been reaping an unbelievable amount of costless miles due to the way the “system” has evolved. Its mind boggling to look back at 60k-100k miles credit card bonuses that can be had 2-3 times a year! For nothing!

    This (and other recent devaluations) just reinforced the need to earn and burn – enjoy it while it lasts!

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