Posts to Look At! (Dec 11 Edition)

Here are some posts that I really liked from today and yesterday (and also the stuff I should have written about but ended up *hem* studying *hem* ;)). My readership has gone up quite a bit over the past few days, so if you are new, thank you so much for your support!

The following are MY POSTS if you’ve missed them earlier:

You can now earn EQM on all of Alaska’s Partners

The new partners which you can earn elite qualifying miles on starting January 15th, are:

  • British Airways
  • Korean Air
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Qantas
  • Fiji Airways

Previously, you could only earn redeemable miles on them. I’d say in general this is a net benefit even though it might dilute elite ranks, as I would hope that people who do care about earning elite status on these carriers should be already pretty miles savvy enough!

Delta improves Elite Offerings (partially)

New Upgrade Chart

New Upgrade Chart

Basically, elite members are trading JFK-SEA/LAX/SFO transcon upgrades for Hawaii upgrades, and adding regional upgrades for platinums, and global upgrades for diamonds. The global upgrades are a great plus for Diamonds given that they can essentially be used on any fare.

My thoughts: It seems like they’re really copying each other and playing leapfrog, as it now means Delta has a better international upgrade policy now than United (and still worse than American). I think it means that the systemwide upgrade will be here to stay. Smart move by Delta.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Gets a Twitter account

Their handle is @firstclassterm, if any you are tweeters. I think that’s pretty cool that a first class lounge can have a twitter account. I wonder if any of the other first class lounges will now get Twitter, LOL!

View from the Wing Thinks Mileage Running is Over

I have to agree, especially if you live in Canada. Even if you can mileage run at a good cpm, you have to keep in mind the value of your time as well as the value you get from a the higher tier of elite status that you achieve.

ANA starts new service to Vancouver

The flight times are as follows:

Tokyo Haneda – Vancouver Reservation to open on 19DEC13
NH116 HND2155 – 1455YVR 763 D
NH115 YVR1655 – 1905+1HND 763 D

It’s going to be operated with is a 763, which is with angled flats. That’s extremely disappointing, given that JAL just retrofitted their business class seats to be full flat. I really hope ANA will swap to a 787.

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